Spring wishes

My new Play Purse, based off of those cute little vintage toy purses, was the perfect clutch for a sunny easter weekend. It just begged to be photographed in a field of dandelions and wishes before they soar away.  

1960's dress-Nine Street Vintage

Clutch-c/o Play Purse

Sunglasses-Dolce & Gabbana c/o Smart Buy Glasses



Amanda M. said...

These are the best series of photographs I've ever seen on your blog! The colors are beautiful and go so well with your pink hair.

Alecia said...

Beautiful outfit, I just love how you manage to match your hair to everything :)

Helen Le Caplain said...

Gorgeous pictures - especially that one with the dandelions!

Gussetsandgodets said...

Amazing colours!!! Great shoot.

Unknown said...

These photos are just so amazinggg! I love the feel and the editing - getting the Virgin Suicides feel!!


Witchcrafted Life said...

What sublimely warm, beautiful images. These are spring personified to me.

♥ Jessica

Kate said...

Absolutely stunning photographs!! They really capture the spirit of spring :)

Jade Sheldon said...


Jessica said...

These are really stunning photos. They're so bright and cheerful and spring, I think I'm getting hay fever just looking at them! Love the bag, and the dress, and your glorious cotton candy hair. You're such an inspiration, I'm glad to see you back in the vintage blogging game.
Zella Maybe

Madison said...

Oh these pictures...simply lovely!! You definitely captured spring, and an Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous, especially the third shot down. I love outfit posts that tell stories, and this one tells a million stories in one.

Also, color me hella jealous that dandelions are out already in the Pacific Northwest.


Unknown said...

These photos are gorgeous! Everything you're wearing is so beautiful. So happy I found your blog!


Unknown said...

I'm loving your Easter outfit - so fun! Also, your hair reminds me of Frenchie in Grease! :)


Maria Vanessa said...

The sunflowers do great to your look and hair! Dig it!!