Things that are too small but I want anyway.

This seems like an ongoing segment in my life: Things that are too small in one way or another, but I pine over anyway. This week a pair of shoes came into work that are sooooooooo adorable! Black and white scalloped with bows, but a size too small. I tried, but my toes were begging me not to wear them more than 30 seconds.

The next thing is the most darling play kitchen set at target. How come five year olds get all the pretty colored appliances? I mean, a pink oven?! If I had a pink oven I might make more of an effort to bake (even though it makes me cry).

So there you have it.

The writer of the adorable blog Pugly Feet has featured me as her Style Muse! I just love the way that sounds ;) Make sure and check out her blog, it's decor makes me want to wallpaper all of our walls. But I don't think our landlord would approve...

And on another note:

My Aunt called me this morning while I was getting ready for work. Ok ok, thinking about not wanting to get ready for work.
But anyway, she was at an estate sale where there were a bunch of vintage square dancing dresses there. She called my grandma who would come and pick me up in five minutes. So I threw on my candy striped Swirl (I love those dresses), slapped on some makeup, and grabbed my gloves.
We got there and I seemed to be the only frantic one, grabbing everything I could since I didn't have much time before work. I got 14 adorable square dance dresses, some with matching mens shirts, lots of 60s blouses, some Jantzen deadstock blouses, and an armfull of pretty lingerie. Oh, and a 30s coat that I was going to keep, but its too big :(

Needless to say I was a bit late to work, but am exited for the frills and thrills going in my shop next week :)


Aya Smith said...

Oh, what a shame you didn't fit into those shoes >.<

What a lovely blog, I will be back often! :)

Twila Jean said...

lol @ nothing i would want there.. hahaha.

Wish I would have seen it.
I need eyes and ears out like your family is for you. lol.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. The title of this post would also encapsulate my shopping woes in Japan and the entire of Southeast Asia!

Witchcrafted Life said...

I too pine over pieces that are the wrong size, especially shoes! I have odd shaped and uneven sized feet, which makes shoe shopping (never mind vintage shoe shopping) a rather arduous process at the best of times. Which seems rather ironic, as I adore shoes and see of much beauty in their graceful designs. It's comforting to know I'm not the only out there who secretly wants to buy things that don't fit :)

Wishing you a marvelous weekend,
♥ Jessica

* elizabeth * said...

Oh I would love to find those shoes! And I am in love with that candy-stripe dress! It's so perfect with those sweet pockets. pockets on dresses make me so happy!
I haven't been reading you long and I'm not sure how I found you, Through Casey at elegant musings? or sally jane vintage maybe? Anyway, I've been saving you to read last everyday. I just love your posts! Happy weekend!

minna said...

oh the play kitchen is so lovely! [as are the shoes, of course. its a shame they didn't fit]
but i agree! if i had coloured appliances i would be very happy :D
lovely lovely blog

Casey said...

Aw... too bad about those shoes! They are so sweet! I always am finding things that are the wrong size (usually too tiny when it comes to vintage!). This morning I was thrifting and found a darling pair of black satin, 1950s mules (with a big, satin cockcade on the toes!), but they were around a size 6.5 (and I'm an 8 at least!). *sigh*

I can't wait to see your new finds!!! I have a square dance skirt and looove it! :)

MissRedLips said...

how cute that little stove is!! i want it! i have a weak spot for anything tiny and cute!

art deco dame said...

I so want to get that kitchen playset for my daughter but we literally have no room for it *boo* hopefully next year we'll get into a house by next year and I can get her one.Its totally darling!

Meghan said...

Those shoes are silly with cuteness. I'm sorry to hear they don't work for you but I'm sure someone out there will give them a good home.
way to go on grabbing all those awesome finds!:0)

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Everything that you found there sounds amazing I cant wait to see pictures! ♥Darla

Antiorder said...

I used to live with a lady who had an entirely pink kitchen. It was actually pretty amazing. All vintage, with pink and white checkers.