Victory curls and red lipstick.

When Shayla and I saw each other today we burst into laughter. Not only did we both have victory rolls, but also were wearing 40s outfits of navy, white, and red, and had black 40s crocheted purses. What silly girls. It's vintage telepathy. We felt as though we should have gone somewhere together for a vintage twin day.

This was the first time I had tried my hair this way, I've wanted to do it since Casey posted photos of her styling. For the back I just held it down with a comb, but no hat would go with the hair, so I tied a big bow from a red scarf and pinned it in. Shayla on the other hand did fantastically cute pigtail braids with little red ties at the end. Next time I will try that.

I went to Wallgreens and saw they were having a "buy one get one half off" sale on Revlon makeup, which made me justify buying a red lipstick and lip liner even though I knew it wouldn't work. If all of the department store lipsticks didn't work on me then this would would be a bust. But I got the color "Really Red" as it looked matte enough to maybe be ok. When I got home I tried it on and its so perfect! Not too pink, not too orange, not too sheer, not too dark, just what I wanted ;)


Sweetpaintedlady said...

you both look great ladies, I wish I could get my victory rolls as smart as yours!

Josephine Frances said...

I jave that revlon one too and it is surprisingly satisfying, and pretty cheap too. You both look lovely!

Antiorder said...

Ah yes, Shayla looked mighty fabulous today. We looked pretty funny walking around on Mississippi together. She was all decked out and I looked like, well, me. haha.

sarah said...

How sweet! The Victory roll is one of my favourite 'dos. So feminine and pretty. It's just such a tricky style to get to sit just right, but you've nailed it beautifully. I wish I could get my own hair to behave that well! Both of you look adorable!

minna said...

oh wow!
i LOVE your hair :) it looks lovely like this.
and the lipstick looks fab too ^_^
you have TOTALLY inspired me to try victory curls :D

Esz said...

Really Red is the SAME colour I got just a few weeks ago - my first red lipstick actually. Its so awesome - great for any colouring and its not too cool.
Came as a GWP so I got a bunch of great stuff from the matte collection like a blush and the navy eyeliner.

Love the hair too :-)

Casey said...

You both look so gorgeous (if only I ran into such vintage chic gals in my town! hehe!)! I love how your hair turned out; especially the back!

(Sorry for the comment spam... I'm catching up on my poor, neglected feeds this morning! :p)

Brooksie said...

I know, I know I am commenting on an old blog post but you and Shayla look so cute I had to comment! I also just got the Really Red lipstick by Revelon about a month ago - I love it! Also incase you do not know the Revelon Red nail polish is a very very good match for the Really Red lip stick... next I am on a mission for the perfect coral lip and nail color so if you know of one let me know. BTW fabulous blog - my new fav - I love it!!! Plus it has been nice to see Shayla's familiar face.

Courtney said...

Your hair looks so sweet in this pic! I can never get my hair to turn out right.
My favorite red lipstick right now is made by Boots (sold at Target) for about $8 a tube. It's #105, Moisture Drench. Of course, Besame has a great red I'd Love to get, but just can't justify the price. Maybe tax season.