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Since some questions were similar you may not see yours, but the answer is there.

What is it like having bangs like yours? Are they easy or hard to care for? Also, why how come you ended up with all the nice hats?

Having bangs is really nice, actually I think I look pretty funny without them. When they get long they get annoying though, so I’ve got to get them cut professionally, doing them myself would just end badly. I've accumulated the hats over the past decade or so, starting out as tea attire and dress up items, and morphing into my must have accessory.

How long have you been dressing vintage, and what is your favourite outfit of all times?

I’ve been dressing vintage for about five or six years, and every once in a while seem to have a favorite outfit, though it never sticks to the same thing ;)

What do you know about taking in vintage coats? I got a gorgeous early '50s brocade dinner jacket but it was meant for a much larger woman. I want to take in the body of the coat and maybe the sleeves (although they are not as ill-fitting)

I would leave taking in coats to a professional. Coats and suits depend on their structure, and even a small mistake can ruin that.

I have a few questions! LOL. Some of these might be covered in hate week (I can't wait!!). 1.) I have many vintage hats and gloves. Not so much vintage clothes. How can I incorporate them into my wardrobe without looking like I'm wearing a costume? 2.) Some of these hats don't stay on my head. How to adhere hats to head. 3.) Hairstyles with vintage hats. Is it possible to stay contemporary with the hair but vintage with the hat?

I’ll be covering all of this during hat week! Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some good info then, but I've been seeing hats gracing magazine pages lately so until then flip though some magazines and a fantastic look might jump out at you! You would be surprised how good a 30s topper looks with skinny jeans, heels, and a cardigan.

Oh, I have a question! When you sew your clothes do you make your own pattens or do you buy commercial ones, if so which? Any good advice on sewing vintage style clothes?

For sewing vintage clothing there is no better way to go than with authentic patterns. I find them at thrift stores, estate sales, and of course, online. If you are going to sew vintage style clothing with a vintage pattern then I have to say you MUST use vintage sewing techniques. I’ve read over a few 20s and 30s sewing books that give amazing tips and tricks, things that just are not done anymore because they take too much time and effort. However these techniques are why vintage clothing lasts so long! So invest in a good authentic vintage sewing book, and start with a simple pattern, with few pieces.

How did you and your husband meet?

Sam and I met in high school our senior year.

When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I think a ballerina.

Do you want kids?

Yes, I love children :)

What kind of music do you listen to?

At work I listen to the old stuff, from 20s jazz to Frank Sinatra, but a few of my favorite bands are Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Black Rebel Motercycle Club, and The Decmeberists to name a few.

Which are the top 5 blogs that you read?

There's so many!

Liebemarlene Vintage with a modern twist (not to mention the fantastic photos)

The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife My partner in crime, and super stylish vintage mama.

The Satorialist Street fashion from around the globe, real people rival style icons.

Lulu Letty My biggest everyday style inspiration, she pulls off menswear like I wish I could.

Frances Baker An Australian gal spending time in London right now, just go look at her, she's cute :)

Is your home also vintage-inspired?

Most definitely!

What do you wish to achieve in your life?


I was ironing a dress to wear this week and thought of all the lovelies that you wear. They always seem to be in pristine condition. How do you care for your vintage/otherwise garments? Do you clean and press them yourself or have it done? How do you store things? I would love some tips.

There are a few things to know about preserving any article of clothing, not just vintage. Materials break down with each washing, and something as old and delicate as vintage should be treated with extra care. If it’s cotton, hand wash it, wool, dry clean, silks generally should be dry cleaned as well. Although these are the correct ways to wash vintage, they should not be done often. Wear your clothes gently.

One great thing to keep your clothes feeling clean without over washing is inserting underarm guards, Modern deodorants basically destroy vintage fabrics, and even persperation can have harsh effects. Underarm guards prevent any damage, and can be changed regularly.

For storing things, I rotate my closet seasonally, right now my summer wardrobe is packed away, everything folded and stored in rubbermaid containers. My fall clothing is all in my closet, on padded hangers. All knitwear is folded and stacked on a shelf. Never ever hang knits, especially dresses, they will loose shape. For beaded sweaters, fold as you would any sweater, but place acid free tissue paper or unbleached muslin between layers to prevent the beadwork rubbing and scratching against each other.

Ironing works great for most things, but having a garment steamer is much gentler than hot pressing. I would highly recommend one if you have a large collection.

I would love to know what your favorite thrift stores in Van/Portland are. I had mine when I lived there, but since it's been so long they are all moved and new now. :) Thanks darling! Xoxo

The Urban Eccentric

Buffalo Exchange

The Red Light

Magpie Vintage

Hattie’s Vintage

Do you plan to visit NYC anytime soon? It would be fun to hang out! Wow, that sounds kind of stalker-ish, but I swear I'm not a creep!

Hehe! I actually got the pleasure of visiting there a few winters ago, no plans to go back at the moment (although of course I would love to go back).

Who are your biggest style inspirations/icons?

Other bloggers are great style inspirations, and old movie stars are the ultimate style icons. I particularly like seeing photos of stars in their casual wear, such as a simple pair of cigarette pants and a cardigan.

Favorite classic movies or film stars?

I love watching Roman Holiday, and have been watching a lot of old movies on NetFlix Instantwatch lately. I love any old film star really, and hopefully will gather some favorites the more films I watch.

How do you do your make-up? It's gorgeous!

Thanks! Basically I keep the eyes simple (smudged brown eyeliner on the top lid, mascara) and paint and line the lips in red.

What tips do you have for customers who want to care for their new vintage wear? I always have a problem getting smells out of some pieces.

Getting smells out can be tough, especially if its something that can only be dry cleaned, like a coat that smells like mothballs. If it’s a weak smell you can steam it, then air it outside, and repeat a few times if needed. Otherwise it’s a trip to the cleaners.

I'd love to know what your favorite beauty products are, especially lipsticks. :)

Here are some products I use daily:


Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

Berts Bees Radiance Day Cream

Boots Botanics Night Cream

M.A.C. Studio Fix Foundation


M.A.C. Lipstick in "Lady Bug"

L'Oreal in "True Red"

Revlon Matte in "Really Red"

How do you store or display your hat collection?

Like my wardrobe I rotate my hat collection seasonally, and store hats upside down and stuffed with tissue paper in hat boxes. I display them in our dining room on the wall, hat racks, and on shelves. The ones I use often stay within easy reach.

Is there a piece of vintage clothing that is 'the one that got away' for you one that you still regret not buying?

The Leopard accessory set!

Have you ever had any big sewing/laundry disasters with your vintage clothing?

I can’t recall any HUGE disasters, but I always manage to do something wrong when sewing. The last thing I did was sew my 30s wide legged pants in the wrong spot, so they came out like a big long skirt.

I'd also love to be nosy and see what your home looks like. :) I'm sure it's gorgeous!

Here's a few photos, at the moment just a couple rooms are decorated fully, but I can't wait to get a house where we can paint! (not that thats anywhere in the near future).

I would LOVE to know how you store all your hats too!! i have probably a quarter what you have and am perplexed what to do with them... and i'm always curious what people's sewing/work rooms look like.

Ideally I would love some sort or China cabinet to display them in so they are not prone to dust, but at the moment they are on walls and shelves, and a hat rack.

Right now my sewing room in the basement is full of fabric and stuff, but I actually have my sewing machine/table in the hat room, it's much cozier to watch TV with Sam and sew, than be in the cold basement alone ;)

When you come across vintage clothing, how do you determine what era it came from?

I suppose experience would be the best way to determine an era. There are lots of little things you can look at to determine when a piece is from such as zippers, labels, materials, silhouette, length, seam placement, and sewing techniques. Reading books and looking at authentic photos is a great way to place a style, along with looking at old photos.

I would also love to see more pictures of your home. I remember a few photos when you
were moving in/setting up.

Here's a few more:

What are your greatest inspirations?

You guys!

How can I start incorporating vintage fashions into my daily wardrobe? (I only have vintage dresses I wear to church)

There are two great ways to start: Work in a simple, classic item into daily wear such as a high waist pencil skirt, cashmere cardigan, or button up blouse with an interesting collar.


Wear a bold accessory with your modern clothes, like a novelty brooch, silk scarf, pretty gloves, or lush handbag.

Wear what you are comfortable with, and wear it with confidence. Taking a step outside your normal style can add so much excitement to the everyday

At what age did you start wearing vintage?

About 14 or 15.

Which era is your favorite?

At the moment the 1930s, but I have a soft spot for the 40s and 50s too.

Which one was your very first vintage outfit?

When I was about six or so my uncle bought me a fantastic Gunne Sax style prarie dress from the 70s. So even though I dress in clothing long before that era, I still love those style dresses, thought they rarely fit me.

Is it uncorfortable that people look at you because of your clothes?

It is really uncomfortable being blatantly stared at, but I’ve learned to ignore it most of the time

How old are you?

I will be 21 in March

How long did you dated with your husband before getting married?

We dated about 2 1/2 years.

Where did you get all the vintage photo backgrounds and effects you use on the pictures in your blog?

The images are digital scrapbooking images. Most were given to me, but you can find a lot of great ones here, you can even sign up to get free downloads every Friday!

What kinds of modern pieces do you own, and how often do you buy new? When you do, where do you go, and what is the appeal of a new item versus finding a vintage piece for you?

Button stockings...Blue dress...Cable cardigan

I generally buy modern pieces as basics, such as cardigans, pants, and tights. I always buy modern shoes, but they have a vintage feel, and I love modern designer purses, the one I have has just the right amount of pockets and durability, vintage purses are always too small and have only a few pockets. Thanks to constant thrifting I hate paying full price for things, so I'll shop for modern at secondhand stores or hit good sales ;)

My favorite modern shops:

J. Crew


Sock Dreams


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