New old stuff!

Here are some items for sale this week in my shop, the duck jacket and red cashmere (yes cashmere) jacket are from my own collection, but I have more coats and jackets than I care to admit to, so they need a new loving home :)
The black 1940s rayon dress is another pretty one that was hard to photograph, partially because it is black, and partially because I can't fill it out, but it would make a terrific dancing dress because of the side flounce.
The skirt and barkcloth bag are my favorites this week though, I'm always so taken by novelty prints, and this little broomstick skirt has rickshaws on it!
The bag I bought last week and went back and fourth on whether to keep it, it's a terrific size, perfect condition, and even showcases an exotic bird! The lining is really cool, totally different from the shell, and yet somehow works.


chloeisabear said...

That skirt is amazing.

Unknown said...

Ooh! I love the red jacket! I'm overdoing it on coats & jackets this season though.. so far I already purchased six! eek!

Tamina listening said...

Aw...I'm heartbroken that coat is already reserved. It's just what I've been looking for. I hope it's found a good home!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

That red coat is gorgeous and looks smashing on you. My favorite would have to be the black 1940's dress what a work of art.

You are a master of vintage.

♥ Darla

Zohar said...

Oh that red coat is LOVELY!!!!!!! drool.