Down by the river

I've got to say this is probably one of my least favorite outfits, but I wanted to wear the hat ;)
Aaaaaand I really needed to do a blog post, since my last one was nearly a week ago! This is due to all my clothes being packed away, and our future landlords taking FOREVER to process the paperwork needed to move in. It's been a month since we applied for the apartment, and if it weren't for the perfect location we would look for another place. It's like they somehow have something against us, and want to keep us from moving in as long as possible. Because who would want clean, quite, tenants with excellent references who pay rent on time? Not them I guess.

Tomorrow is predicted by the weather Gods to be sunny and 70, which calls for time outside! Hope your weekend is lovely :)


Neck bow-Thrifted

Hat-Buffalo Exchange


Anonymous said...

if this is one of your least favorite outfits then your favorites must be absolutely stunning. cause this one is pretty beautiful :D

Auntie Stina said...

very pretty!~

I recognize that bridge...are you in the Portland area?

Solanah said...

Yes, it's the I-5 bridge :)

Auntie Stina said...

Thanks! I thought so... :-) Nice to find neighbors on the internet, though I'm on the other side of the river.

Betty2Tone said...

I love the collar on that dress


Michelle said...

I really feel for you about the landlords, that has got to be so stressful. But remember to keep your head up, good things are worth waiting for, and you're looking beautiful as always!

Gillian said...

Aww, I miss Vancouver! And Portland.

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Oh, I just adore the hat! Actually, the whole outfit is wonderful. You look very good in grey, which can be a difficult color to wear. I hope you get to move in soon.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Stefanie Valentine said...

This dress is gorgeous! I love the collar on it x

Marie said...

It's such a sweet ladylike silhouette and face framer! Gorgeous photos.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Anonymous said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring as usual and your clothes... me like like!

Agneta, Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

Lisa in Canada said...

helluu!!! I nominated you for a sunshine award..b/c I think you are awesome.
You are very inspirational to me.

Nothing fancy but have a look...Hope it brings in some new readers!
Go to my blog...
Lisa xo

Kate said...

Least favourite outfit? :O I think you look stunning in it!


Maia said...

you are jkind of the emptimey of what i would like to dress like when im older :) i love your blog!