California day 4: Beach to beach and in between!

This morning we left Del Mar to stay our last night in in California in Laguna Beach. On our way we stopped in Solana Beach and snapped some photos, just because the signs have (most) of my name :)
Since yesterday when we went to Wear it Again Sam and it was closed, we went back today, so many of you recommended it! And wow did it not disappoint. They are having a huge sale right now, and closing shop at the end of the month (but will continue selling online). So there were some amazing deals, my mother bought the most beautiful 1950s polka dot Suzy Perette dress I've ever seen, and I got something I've been looking for for years! A beautiful black 1940s princess coat, fits like a dream. You can see it here. Actually, Sam got it for me for my birthday, he just doesn't know it yet ;)
I kid, I kid. He knows, hehe.

We also got to meet the gal with the flaming red hair you see modeling vintage all over Ebay and Etsy, which was awesome, but I am so dumb and forgot to ask her name! It was pretty cool though, and I was in love with her skirt. There was also a guy working who was really nice, and a snappy dresser, but I forgot to take his picture. I know, what a fail.

We arrived in Laguna Beach and checked into our cute little hotel, one of those that was once a little roadside motel but has been updated on the inside to include hardwood floors and a jacuzzi tub. Ooooo.

We walked near the beach a bit, and nearly blew away, then had an amazing happy hour dinner (lobster mac and cheese anyone?). Seriously, this place must have the best happy hour menu ever. Everything on the regular menu is half off! Genius.

Oh and I got new shoes. Actually my brother got them for me, he just really doesn't know it yet. Thanks Josh!

Blouse-French Connection, via Buffalo Exchange, Hillcrest

Skirt-Gift from Twila Jean

1940s sailor jacket-Buffalo Exchange, Burnside

Shoes-Madden girl

1950s sunglasses-From a giveaway on Pretty Little Things


Andrea Eames said...

Ooh, you have your own beach! How cool. Did you bring some sand back with you? :)

A xx

Solanah said...

Oh that is such a smart idea! I really should have, I'll have to do that if I come back ;)


Aradia said...

Glad you are having fun in southern California.
If you are staying in Orange County for a couple of days, check out old town Orange and down town Fullerton for vintage stores.
Feel free to email me if you need a local guide. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe her name is Amanda Suter and she also does burlesque in LA and San Diego sometimes ;)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That's so adorable!! I loved all of this. Looks like you had a wonderful time once again.

Carys said...

I love your top, I have been looking for a blouse which ties for SO LONG!! I really admire your blog by the way (it's actually why my friend Amelia and I started our own!), so thanks for all the inspiration!!
From Carys, lavilleinconnue.blogspot.com

Thelma said...

what a neat place. I should go take a visit!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Looks like you've been having a wonderful time!! I've been to OC a few times now with my husband on business but haven't been to any of the places you've gone too! I really must learn to venture outside of Irvine!

BakeliteBebe said...

Yes, Anonymous is right. I read her LJ and love it! She has the most amazing home decorating style ever.

Betty2Tone said...

I LOVE the t-strap(?) heels you're wearing!


Jacqueline said...

Sv: Hjälp det hade jag ingen aning om! Men jag har klarat mig hittills, tack för rådet/tipset! :)

Vintage Gams said...

Ok, now I'm jealous....That looks like the best vintage clothing shop! And, I just love your shoes!

Treacle said...

The peach dress in the window looks amazing! That seems like a great shop.

P.S. I've changed my domain! Please don't forget to update your bookmarks to http://www.thelingerieaddict.com. Thanks!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Oh i am so in love with your princess coat, i've been trying to find ones for aaaages that looks good and fits well. I am well jealous! xx

Peldyn said...

Oh, I haven't been to Solana Beach in ages! I am going to San Diego to visit friends next weekend. I hope I can get a bit of shopping in, My favourite thrift store is in Imperial Beach.

Anonymous said...

your new princess coat looks like it custom made for you, Solanah -- it's gorgeous! i wish i had a coat just so.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I thought I have red hair!
She wins!

Thank you for such a wonderful blog!


Vivi said...

I absolutely adore your nautical inspired photography at the beach!It brought a huge smile to my face!
When you have a chance, be sure to check out Vivi Vintage - www.vivivintage.com for more vintage goodies!

Anonymous said...

you'r awesome!! i can't stop looked you.. / Zet

Anonymous said...

you'r awesome!! i can't stop looked you.. / Zet