1930s dress for sale

A lot of readers asked if I would be making any 30s dresses to sell, so I went ahead and made one with some fabric I had lying around. It's a pretty little print with yellow roses, a very thin and light fabric, I think it's a cotton blend, but it's very cool :)

It's trimmed in cotton eyelet lace, and has mother of pearl button detail. The side closes with buttons and button holes like this one, all hand finished. I think it will need a belt to make sure the side closure lies right, I always have to wear one with my side button dresses. If this one proves popular I'll make another one in heavier cotton, and hopefully draft the pattern to make it in a larger size.

If you would like to buy the dress, or have any questions just email me at solanahraquel@gmail.com


Bust-36" (91.5 cm)

Waist-27" (68.5 cm)

Hips-38" (96.5 cm)

Bodice length-16.5" (41.5 cm)

skirt length-26" (66 cm)

Shoulders-15.5" (39.5 cm)

Price: SOLD!

Shipping: U.S.A. $6.00, Everywhere else email me for quote.


BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, it's so lovely! wonderful fabric and details!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

Oh my oh my that dress is amazing!!!!!! If it would of fit me i would snatch it up!!!!!!! Who ever you are who's gonna rock it...you are a very lucky kitten! Wonderful job! Cat

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Just a tiny bit small for me. You are so talented. And adorable!

Twitter @sabrinaholly

Anonymous said...

Very cute. You've got some skills!

Vanessa said...

It's beautiful! I'd love to have one like it although this seems a bit small for me...

Miss Caitlin Elizabeth said...

oh that dress is just darling. I wish I had extra money this month:(

Sarah said...

Love it! I'm kind of sucker for anything with yellow...and the bitty flowers are so pretty!

Kir said...

That's absolutely gorgeous, and it would even fit me! Bother having no extra spending cash. It's painful. D:

Riikka said...

What a lovely dress! I would totally buy it if it was my size. So please do make another one in a large size.

Miss Lottie Lou said...

Take two teehee!
What a beautiful dress, excellent job :) I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it!
Lottie x

Rose said...

You are so great at making clothes! Another lovely dress.

Also, I am having a giveaway if you would like to stop by and enter :)


40sDiva said...

I LOVE it.... Too bad it won't fit my plus size figure, but perhaps once you draft a larger size it will. Gorgeous all around though! You certainly did a FABULOUS job, my dear!!!

Ivy said...

Super cute! I love the fabric and buttons.

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by the lovely dresses you make. This one is so cute!

angie.a said...

It's very, very sweet! Great pattern too. :) You should do one with vintage bakelite buttons in a pretty color! That would be adorable! And rickrack trim! Ok, I'll stop now.

Claire Nouveau said...

it's so cute...love the pockets!
m a m u s h k a m a r i e

Coedith said...

Looks like you'll have to make a larger one. I wanna model it!

Anonymous said...

Darling, I love the rounded pockets!

Bunny said...

Oh, this dress is perfection. Looks very authentic, and I like all the little details. If you ever make larger sizes, I will snatch one up!

Tess, That'll Do said...

That fabric is so darling! I'm beyond impressed with your skills and your completely reasonable pricing! Too bad it was a little big for me. Out of curiosity, do you ever take commissions/orders?