Fort Vancouver

Saturday my cousin Ruth and I spent the morning at Fort Vancouver National Historic Reserve. Because thats what cool people do.

Fort Vancouver is basically a recreation of the fir trading base and settlement that was in Vancouver in the mid 1800s. They have buildings you can explore, and on some summer weekends living history events. This particular day we talked with girls practicing their stitching, fur traders, and we just happened to go to the kitchen where some burly men were making bacon. It of course, smelled heavenly. Actually the kitchen reminded me quite a bit of the Bennets kitchen in Pride and Prejudice, which despite having a lack of blue appliances is my favorite type of kitchen: Rustic, with a big prep table and fireplace. But I do like having a refrigerator...

We also played some games from the era, including that thing where you roll the hoop, which is something I've always wanted to do since you see kids in old movies doing it all the time. It's harder than it looks!

We played another game with a hoop and dowels which we really liked, that was apparently supposed to teach you how to be graceful, but we mainly looked like flailing crazies.


Miss Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Oh that looks like a blast. History re-creation places are just so interesting!

Vanessa said...

When are you gonna start putting your self made dresses in your etsy shop? I looove them!

Looks like you had a fun time!

I'm doing the Mad Men casting call, please vote for me

Vanessa :)

Arielle said...

I love the Keds!

Arielle said...

I love the Keds!

Lily said...

looks like fun!!! I love that blue paint color in that one room :)


lilibloom said...

I love how perfect the shoes look with the dress - proves you don't need heels all the time!
Now I want those sweet socks too! :D

Charlotte said...

Ooh looks fun! Mr Matin and I are planning a visit to a similar living museum near us shortly, as it happens.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Samantha F. said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

I worked as a reenactor at Henricus in Virginia. Henricus was a settlement in 1611. The outfits are not as much fun to wear as you think they would be! Wool socks in July is a terrible idea!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit and beautiful pictures!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I really love the colour of that blue room. so bright and amazing. You look great and it sems like another fun time and I adore historical recreation activities like this.

Casey Maura said...

How fun! I have always loved historic sites that have living history as well. I used to work at an early 19th century site in Virginia, for a short period, in the kitchen building. It was always loads of fun making things over an open hearth, learning how to manage the heat, and then eating what we made! Best roast chicken I ever tasted was one we cooked on a spit in a reflector oven. ;)

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Alyssa said...

Oh, I just love living museums! This looks like a good one, I'll be putting it on my list. I love the picture of you rolling the hoop because even though your clothes and the hoop are of different eras, it still evoke that old-time feeling.

Percy Owl said...

Lovely! Sometimes I wonder what it was like living in those days when women would cook and sew all day.
I could handle the lack of technology, but I don't think I could handle not having airconditioning. Just for sometimes :P
Oh, and running water is nice...

Unknown said...

What an adventure! Amazing photos, as always!


Woods said...

so classy i love it i going crazy over your picture! and i love your purse

Theresa said...

This looks wonderful and extremely interesting!
Aside from that, you look positively darling!

S said...

That's definitely what cool people do. Love your bag by the way!

Ivy said...

I want to go to there.

Sarah said...

Aw- I remember that place from field trips as a child. Your pictures really capture the authenticity. I know my brother has dabbled a bit with the blacksmithing there, but I didn't know the women sat and did needlework- so neat! I love your picture where you got the women's picture in the glass. But I don't think your supposed to sit on the cannons! :)

ellen said...

hi :)

i don't usually leave comments on random blogs i find on stumble, but random blogs i find on stumble don't usually keep my attention until i have read all the way back to the start :) i was sad when i got to the end, means i will have to wait for new posts now. also sad that you don't put as much stuff in your store, looking at all the beautiful things i missed out on even though i don't have that much of a vintage style (still trying to figure out what my style is i think) but i love a lot of the amazing clothes and jewellery, so pretty to look at.

i am rambling... i think my point was just to say thank you for your awesome blog and cheering me up for a few days of reading it (it's almost the end of winter here... doesn't get cold enough to snow but i always miss the sun and get mopey by august). so thank you! :)

Bijutsu said...

HI ! I'm from Toulouse in France and i like to visit your blog. I definitly love your style et your choices ! Great job and excuse me for my pitifull english...
A bientôt !

Solanah said...

Ellen, thank you very much for commenting! Every comment means so much to me, and I makes me so happy to know my blog provided some entertainment, I know how dull the edge of winter can be!