Fried foods.

Thanks everyone for your comments in yesterdays post! My grandma was excited you liked her pictures so much, and so am I! One thing I want to add, the dress she's wearing in the fourth photo she hated! It was her 8th grade graduation and her family could not afford the dress she wanted, and that was the cheapest one in town. It cost four whole dollars.

Today I went with the gals of The Pink House to a "pod" of foodcarts in Portland. We actually went for a special cupcake cart, that ended up not being there, so we packed the car back up and went to fried pies and french fries instead. We got pies at Whiffies, and fries at Potato Champion. I really loved the peach pie, and nearly licked the curry mayo dip out of the cup, it was so good!

And we found a cool photo mural of library books :)

Entire outfit-Urban Eccentric Vintage


Kir said...

I love your outfit!
It's funny, most of what they considered ugly in the old days, is still miles better than anything now days!

I was wondering, are you a member of the Fedora Lounge Solanah?

Anaïs said...

Are those, erm, books in the last picture? That's so cool!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

must. have. french fries now.

Christy said...

That book mural is too much fun!

And now I'm craving fried food... ;)

Hello Jodi said...

Poutine? You don't see that in Ohio. It's good stuff.

Lily said...

omg fried foods, sooo delicious <3


jessibee said...

The fried pies are delish but you have to go back and try the crepes at Perierra Creperie...they are so yummy that we once went there two days in a row! I miss Portland so much!

Coedith said...

You have to admit though, our fried pies were better.

Sydney B. said...

Looks sooo good! French fires are a weakness of mine!

Solanah said...

I dunno Auntie, that peach one was really good!

Kir, I agree, I would love to have that dress!

I'm not on the Fedora Lounge, I don't think I have the right type of email address to become a member :(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! My guy and I have a special little made-up song we sing when we drive by the Potato Champion cart... I'll spare you it, but they are so yummy they deserve a song!

Coedith said...

Oh I am so making peach, I feel challenged.

Lavender and Twill said...

Yummy, those lovely photos are making me hungry! I think I need to hunt down some breakfast at... oh, 11:35am!


b. of Depict This!

Opal Wells said...

your outfit is adorable! UO does such a great job with their vintage inspired pieces.


Anonymous said...

fired foods+vintage style= can ya get any more amerciana than that?!?!
You look so comfy to be out galavanting for yummy foods...glad you had a good time.
Thanks for saying where you get your clothes, newbies to vintage like me are always looking for inspiration :)
The Fedora Lounge.....must check that out!

Shelby said...

You are such an inspiration! I love your sense of style and the fact that you can sew your own dresses! You're outfits are what i would love to wear/find/make. Just thought you should know you are an awesome lady!

Anonymous said...

le gasp I work a block away
I probably passed you on the bus :'(

Florence said...

Those dipping sauces for the fries! Oh my goodness. I wouldn't even know where to start. I think I would be obsessed with this foodcart forever.

PS-Hello! I've been a reader for a little while, but I can't remember if I've ever commented before. You'll have to forgive me if I introduce myself several times because I have trouble remembering where I've commented. ;-)