Channeling Diane

I have a soft spot for 70s fashions, they're generally very flattering, fun, and when done right, chic. Most things to come out of that era however, are made of polyester, a fabric I just can't wear. Luckily my favorite designer of the decade, Diane Von Furstenberg is still going strong, even re-releasing some of her prints and designs in a "vintage" line. This is one of those dresses, and my favorite out of the three currently in my closet.
And of course, I had to add some huge rose colored glasses I got at an estate sale, even though they don't really go with my normal 40s and 50s style, I love them just the same :)

Dress-Diane Von Furstenberg


Shoes-Chie Mihara

Jade necklace-A gift from Sam on our honeymoon, Chinatown, San Francisco

Sunglasses-Estate Sale


Miss Miranda said...

You look beautiful. So classy! I love seventies style too. :)

esme and the laneway said...

Gorgeous! I know what you mean about polyester. And I love your green necklace! x

Dakota said...

You look lovely!! I never buy 70s either because of their awful penchant for polyester, but I always fancied the DVF wrap dresses. They look quite timeless and even a little 40s <3

art deco dame said...

I too have a soft spot for the 70's in fact "soft spot" is the term I use for it.There is good and bad in every decade when it comes to fashion but as much as there was a ton of polyester there are some really amazing pieces too!

Michelle said...

Love the 70's! It's a great decade to mix with older pieces. Probably because the 70's woman wore vintage as well! Wrap dresses are just about my most favorite thing ever. From casual to dressy, and it's soooo comfortable. I could never pick only one decade to dress from, they all had fun parts. Even the awful 80's! This one here is super cute, and you can't beat a pair of big ol sunnies.


Nina said...

Love this and I LOVE your figure! ♥

Vintagesuburbia said...

Wow. I actually sort of loathe the 70s (sorry!) but you make it look fantastic! All of the Charlie's Angels rolled into one. You are great for pulling off such different looks. I am totally one dimensional I'm afraid - I can do 1950s and that's it! (still a great decade to be one dimensional in!) Best, VS

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! Although it's quite weird to see you in seventies attire, I have to say that it suits you just as well as your full circle dresses do.

Ally said...

you look so elegant xx

Sarah said...

Cool! It's wonderful to see the chic side of the seventies. You really suit those frames!

Erin Goodman said...

I cant get over how clear and porcelain-like your skin is in all your photo's, im jealous haha. I really adore your necklace too. The print on the dress is quite cool =]


Eleanor said...

You are divine in that dress...and the 70's look on you is A~mazing!!!!
Loving this!

Unknown said...

Love the outfit! Looks incredible on you!


I am doing a giveaway over at my blog!

penchilla said...

omg, you look so pretty and that dress is more than fine ♥

Anonymous said...

this is a different look for you-i like it! and i have those same glasses, my grandma used to wear them ;)

Sara Kristiina said...

Wow what a chick! Gorgeous!

Marie said...

Very glam, that dress is amazing with your curls and shades.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
31summers giveaway

Mary Beth said...

Growing up, I had a hand-me-down Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress in purple from a neighbor...whatever did I do with that dress? I regret giving it away. Oh well!

Maria Ramona said...

you look amazing in that dress- has to be my favorite look I've ever seen on you. I collect DVF wrap dresses btw, if you ever feel like selling that one you know who to call! :)

islabell said...

you look so glamorous in these photos!
I love it! x

Amber said...

your rose colored glasses are rocking my socks off, they really make this outfit for me

toridawn said...

You always look so stunning, but it's really fun to see you in a different era! Beautiful pictures, Solanah!

LittleRachael said...

LOVE the dress! Stunning!

Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style

Charlotte said...

DVF rocks! It's good to see 70s fashions featured on a vintage blog - some of them were really quite cool, but it's a decade that's pretty much overlooked by the online vintage community.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Vintage2Vogue said...

love a diane dress! they are so distinctive and very flattering on you!

well done!


Lydia From Vintage2Vogue



Casey Maura said...

You look so sophisticated and classy, Solanah! :) I too love some of the 70s styles, though I tend to gravitate towards the romantic/hippie style a bit more. But even though the 70s had a lot of "ick" style-wise, it still had some good points! :)

♥ Casey

Lizzy said...

WOW! You look good with this 70's style!

mispapelicos said...

I have just found your fabulous blog and is going straight to my blogroll, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fascinating.

Colleen said...

Love this! I wish I could devote my life to 60's and 70's fashions as you devote yours to 40'5 and 50's.