Doris petticoat pics


Doris Petticoats are my favorite makers of modern petticoats, because not only are they pretty, but they're soft. I featured one in this post when the weather was sunny and bright! They just shot this darling Alice themed shoot and I wanted to share, that's my petticoat in the middle! And I'm a sucker for bright red hair, so these are my faves :)

Head Pieces: What Katy Did Next 
Vintage China Hire: The Whistling Bunting Travelling Tea Party 
Photography: Sally Thurrell Photography 
Hair & MUA: Beautiful Bride Makeovers 
Venue: Riding Farm Cottages 
Clothing: Alexandra King – Make Me a Dress 
Petticoats: Doris Designs 
Cupcakes: Daisy Cupcakes 
Reception Stationary: Vicky Trainor 
Lace Rabbit Ears: Talulah Blue 
‘Eat Me/Drink Me’ Tags: Through the Cottage Door 
Steampunk Brooches: Christopher Ainsley

Sponsored by Doris Petticoats  


art deco dame said...

I adore these photos!

mlw said...

so lovely, feminine in a way that you don't really see that often anymore.

Unknown said...

These petticoats are so adorable. I looked at them and sighed, saying to my mom, "I wish that petticoats were more in style nowadays."


Katie-Louise Ford said...

Love! <3

Lucy in the Sky said...

They look so soft and cloud-like. I love the colours too!

Zoe Du Jour said...

ARGH! What fantastic styling!
I'm obsessed with petticoats... and you say these are soft? I'll have to get on this asap...
Most that I find with the amount of volume I like are the crunchy, vintage ones. Super pretty, but SUPER good at knocking things over. haha.



Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Amazing petticoats.

Butch said...

Wow love these photos. The petticoats are gorgeous.



alabee said...

oh wow its such a lovely color, and looks so soft too! I have bright red hair, and i love it too, but it is sort of a hassle. all my towels are pink!

contrary kiwi said...

These photos are awesome! I want one of those petticoats. I bet they are really expensive though :(

Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, those petticoats look perfect!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Alli said...

They look so fluffy.......I could curl up with one like a cuddly rabbit :)

Radka said...

Sweet pics, I love to browse Doris Petticoat´s gallery, there's so many lovely photos!
I´m dreamin´ about Adult Petticoat 21" Length in ivory...

Nina said...

do you know if the peachy one is a new colour?
and are they really that fluffy?

In The Heyday said...

lovely fluffy petticoats - everyone should wear them

Unknown said...

*sigh* they're so dreamy. I wish I could afford one.
I'll just have to enjoy the pretty picture instead :P

Good Morning Angel.

Sue said...

The most charming and interesting blog. I will read your new posts to see what is inspiring you in future! The petticoats are darling, I will go check them out!
I love your photos, using my bunny ears as props, I tracked you down from my Etsy stats! Thank you so much!