K.M.A. Radio Sewing Book


Sometimes I'm pretty sure all these vintage treasures find me instead me me finding them. This book was buried behind a bunch of other needlework books at a local antique store, and I almost didn't open it up. But then I got curious as to what a "Radio Sewing Book" is. Upon seeing it was full of sewing tips and tricks I knew it had to go in my little collection. There's no date, but from the look of the picture inside it's about mid 20s. It's a compilation of advice discussed on a radio show, and here's a few things I want to try out. 
Corn meal will clean lace that is badly soiled. Rub lace and meal together between the hands. Then shake well. Use white meal for white lace and yellow meal for ecru lace.
 Mildew stains can be removed from white goods by boilling in water to which 2 tablespoons of peroxide have been added for each quart of water. Will aslo remove other stains.
 Apply corn starch to wrong side of silk dress on armpit stains, when fresh. When dry, brush off. 
When sewing bring the work to the eyes, not the eyes to the work. (Posture!)
Sponge armpit stains on woolen goods with diluted vinegar, then wash in warm water. 
Never starch linen that is to be stored away or it is apt to crack. 
When sewing garments, take a piece of each material and put in a box. Call this your patch box and you will always find a matching material. 
Press silk under tissue paper-wool under damp linen cloth (Just make sure that tissue paper is colorless acid free)
Sponge pleats with a weak solution of salt water and press under a cloth. Pleats will stay in longer. 
If your initial is B try making handkerchiefs or tea napkins, etc., with a little bumble bee instead of the usual initial. (Oh how I wish my initial was B) 


Sarah said...

Oh how i wish my inital was B... :) I love this!
I wonder what I can do with an "s", maybe a snake? Hmm... it might give me a sligtly bizarre reputation :P x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

What great tips, especially the under arm stains, how many vintage garments I've turned down because of this problem when it's particularly bad. If these tips work then no more!!

Joyness Sparkles said...

Love this! If there are more tips in that book...you have lots to blog about for awhile. I am curious to know more!

Unknown said...

What a great find! Those are some pretty awesome tips too.


Laura said...

or it is apt to crack.

I love that line.

Beth said...

i just love the old time tips and wisdom. its so insightful and cute! good job on the find

Spinneretta said...

Some great tips. And yes, now I wish my initial was B too!
Since my surname starts with a pea, I guess I could embroider a pea... ;)

Simone said...

Thank you for these lovely tip. I have a girls baby name stored up to use one day that begins with B and now I can imagine embroidering cute little B's onto cardigans and flanels.

Tasha said...

What a great list of tips! I too would be really interested to know if the armpit stain tips work.

My first initial is T... I do so love tea, but somehow I don't think a teacup would convey my name like B/bee. ;)