Ruth at the barracks

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Last weekend we dyed my cousin Ruths hair dark red, and it turned out so cute! So I took pictures of her taking pictures for homework. We're cool like that. 

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art deco dame said...

Love her shoes!

Anonymous said...

Great hair! Also I want her camera...so cute!

Anonymous said...

very cute.

MarieBayArea said...

Pretty ladies run in your family. Love the dark red hair.

Tabet said...

very cute pictures! Looks amazing!


Unknown said...

That's a gorgeous colour! I'm very jealous, I've always wanted red hair, and she looks great with it!

Anonymous said...

You are cool like that. I hope her photos came out marvelously!

Anonymous said...

another red head in the world. Love!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Ruth is such a cutie and that hair colour looks marvelous on her. I don't know if it's the first time she's dyed her locks, but it reminds me of the first time I did (when I was 16), opting for a fiery red shade, too.

♥ Jessica

andi said...

Love the colour, and she is so pretty :-) Such a great location to show the colour and outfit off too!

That's a real film camera :-) I've still got my Pentax ones though I don't shoot on them very often

Fifties Darling said...

Love redheads! She looks marvelous... delicate and romantic!