Black and bakelite

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Recently I sent off some bakelite bangles to be polished by Brighter Bakelite, and as soon as I got them 
back I had to plan an outfit around them. Are't they gorgeous? 

It's still pretty warm in Portland, and I'm trying my best to appreciate summer even though I'd much rather it be cold and rainy. A little splash of color now and then does the trick nicely. 

 Dress-Forever 21 

 Bakelite bangles polished by-Brighter Bakelite 

 Socks-Free People 




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 photo Augblack027_zps739d6b8f.jpg
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Abbi Jane said...

Eeee! I love this dress! And the bakelite looks so nice! She does a good job.

Plus also, Franz Ferdinand is the cats pajamas.

Abbi :)

Betty2Tone said...

You have perfect taste in clothes and weather

Sarah Kyle said...

LOVE this outfit. I want that hat.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! The all black is a perfect backdrop for your candy colored bangles.

mary van note said...

Freaking CUTE~!!

Unknown said...

You look super cute! Those socks are wonderful, I'd love to learn how to make them!

Unknown said...

I don't know how she does it :)

Jessica said...

I think I might be in love with this outfit. I want that dress. Great post :)


Unknown said...

oh solanah, you are gorgeous! love this outfit so very much! and ff- thumbs up!

LandGirl1980 said...

Sock. Envy. Like, proper mouth-hanging-open-i-bet-she-made-them envy.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever gone to that big food truck/cart area in Portland? I may have asked before, but I can't remember. Anyway, I see it on TV all of the time and I'm DYING to go there.

Your outfit is adorable by the way! I love the bangles :)

Life of Mabel

Kristian said...

love the outfit

Anonymous said...

This is adorably cosmopolitan. One of my favorites from you.

Yours Truly, x said...

Really love this outfit! It's so fresh and young - definitely gives me 'Pretty in Pink' vibes! Which is NEVER a bad thing! :-D

Witchcrafted Life said...

They really, really are! I love the high intensity shine - so captivating and redolent of the glossy coating the one sometimes sees on the outside of candies (such as jelly beans).

Wonderful warm weather ensemble, dear gal.

♥ Jessica

Sandra said...

such a classy summer look! those bangles look incredible, i can almost taste the colors ha ha

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! I love your vintage pieces, I recently started my own blog I would love to be a reader, please follow my blog back.

Tori said...

Adorable pins! And your socks are too sweet :)
Fashion, Trends & More

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Cute outfit! I love idea of adding pins to a dress!
Sincerely, Sara

BaronessVonVintage said...

Adorable! What you're wearing is like what I wore in the late 80s, but with an edge and twist I could not pull off! AWESOME!

Unknown said...

love that dress, and the colours of those bangles are perfect!

Unknown said...

That dress is just so adorable - I love how you styled it!


Katie J said...

I love watching your style evolve! I've been an avid follower of this blog for years now (usually too shy to comment! Haha!) and I find so much inspiration!

You've inspired me to start my own blog and play with modern-vintage fashions--but, I mostly look forward to seeing your posts every week! :)


Unknown said...

What a lovely outfit!
The hat suits you so well. The bangles gave it a dash f colour, just enough to make it adorable!

Yet another great outfit post.
And yes, I'd like some rain over here, too.


Jade Sheldon said...

Ooooo! I absolutely must get my hands on that makeup book. What a treasure...

Anthea said...

Fabulous! I have some bakelite as well - never gets old :) Love the look!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit. I wish I could wear those bracelets. I always find that my wrist is too small :(.

Unknown said...

A++. This outfit is a serious keeper. Is it the hat? Maybe it's the socks & ferragamos. Or maybe just all of it. It's probably that.

Wow, Jesse is boggling my mind with the polishing. They come out so glossy & perfect, so impressed!

xo Sara

Unknown said...

Great outfit :) Love, love, love the socks!

ALLIE NYC said...

What a cute look! Yes the bangles look perfect with this dress!

Ali of

Dressin Ken

Maria at inredningsvis said...

OMG LOVE this post:) your blog Is always so inspiring and lovely.

Check out my new post...a guide to Swedish living:)

have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)