On the cusp of spring

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Portland gave us a taste of sunny spring right on schedule, then jumped into April showers. Every time it starts to warm up people pack away their coats and pull out the sundresses. Having lived here all my life I know better and enjoy the blue skies but embrace the gray that will follow for another few months. It's like a little vacation every year! 

I did however pull this 40s novelty skirt out of storage, I traded it on Swapdom last winter and this cardigan matches it so perfectly! I just posted some new items in my profile up for trade, so go check them out! You can find me here


Cardigan-Rummage sale

Eliza Boots-Walk Over

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Kalin said...

Love, love that skirt! It matches perfectly with the cardigan. :)


Lauriana said...

Great outfit!
A skirt with a print bases on a Van Gogh painting... That so cool!

Unknown said...

That sweater is so adorable! Hope you enjoy the semi-nice weather!


Anonymous said...

So cute! This used to be my skirt, so it's nice seeing it on someone whose blog I enjoy. Yay for Swapdom!

- abigail - said...

glad to hear you're having spring weather up there. it's slowly warming up here... very slowly.
that skirt, however, looks like one of the most beautiful pieces i've ever seen in my life. i just love the colors and the way you pulled the blue to attention from it.
another great ensemble, enjoy your spring :)


Circ rhythm said...

We have a similar gray period in Chicago between the melting of snow and true spring. I love your cardigan and the beautiful moss growing just to the right of your porch. :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

There is marvelous sense of motion to the pattern of that beautiful skirt. The lines and swirls in the blues, in particular, remind me of a Munch painting.

♥ Jessica

Unknown said...

I love those 40s/ early 50s "souvenir" border print skirts. That one looks just fin with tights, too.
I know what you mean about Northwest weather. I live in Washington, right up by the Canadian border. While I know you can't count on sustained sunny days until end of June, at least you can tell when it isn't going to snow again... The flowers and the birds will be fooled by a few sunny days in March, but the frogs don't wake up until its really safe. Once I hear the frogs singing at night, I know that freezing temperatures are gone for sure!

Emily said...

That skirt is great! I love unexpected/asymmetrical prints like that.

Megan said...

I adore this look! I would love to find a similar cardigan. I guess I better start rummaging!

- Megan @ The Fashionista Vet (http://fashionistavet.blogspot.com)

Unknown said...

Löööve your style so much! you're such an inspiration.