1930s knitting patterns

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This week I've been listing one of my favorite finds, 1930s knitting and crochet pattern booklets. Pattern booklets from the depression era are rare, and these have so many pretty designs they're fun to even just flip through. I even have a plus size pattern booklet which is quite amazing, considering most standard patterns were around a 34 bust back then. I'm still going through and listing, but take a look, and start planning your next project! 

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 photo 7_zps237aea5c.jpg {1930s knitting and crochet patterns}


Bobbi said...

What a great find! The patterns are beautiful and the wedding dress! Wow!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful and inspiring, thank you for posting it! I am a knitwear designer, vintage fashion lover and I have been collecting vintage knitting/crochet pattern books for years. I really appreciate when I stumble upon a treasure like this booklet.


In the Ruins of Berlin said...

I love the one with the polka dots and the matching hat xxx

Unknown said...

Is the peasant top knitted? It's such a great looking top.

Unknown said...

Oh how lovely the pattern are! Amazing how much people use to knitt, and now almost nothing.

I wish that I could knitt a jumper, but one day! One day I will have learned how to knitt a jumper, that I will be able to use.

Unknown said...

Knitted are lovely! I've learn how to knit back then but now I forgot how haha.
I always want to have one good knitted jumper but it's hard for me to find the perfect size for me >.<


Jenny said...

The 1930's have some of the most attractive knitting patterns around :D

Jessica said...

I don't knit, but those photos are lovely! Great inspiration.
Jessica, cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com

BaronessVonVintage said...

One of those models looks like young Jean Harlow~. Sigh, 30s knitting patterns are my favourite!