How to apply red lipstick

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There are lots of red lipstick tutorials out there (or pink, or purple, or whatever), but this is my personal favorite method. I adapted it from a beauty book I loved when I was in my early teens. It really stays put, thanks to all the layering and a solid foundation. I can have a meal, drink, completely wipe my lips and barely need a touch up after.

Use a cream lipstick rather than a matte. Matte will just dry out, and cream offers a larger variety of reds anyway. The lipstick used here is Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle.

{you will need}

foundation brush or sponge
cream lipstick
lip brush
tissue or hankie for blotting 

Before starting, you want to be sure your lips are soft, and not chapped or flaky. Apply beeswax lip balm overnight, or for flaky lips, try a sugar scrub or light brushing with a clean toothbrush. 


Blot or brush foundation on lips and let dry. This provides a solid and blank canvas for gripping. 


Line lips with lipliner, and color in a bit. Be sure to reach the corners of your mouth. 


Apply lipstick with a lip brush. A brush allows for minimum pulling (which could mess up your previous layers) and maximum control. 


Blot, making sure to blot all corners (sometimes the cupids bow get's neglected). 


Lightly dust on powder with a brush. 


Apply lipstick with a brush again as before. 


Blot as before. 




kariss said...

Is that a purpose built lipstick blotter

Witchcrafted Life said...

Fabulous visual how-to! Love the lipstick hankie - I've been after one of those for years. You have such a wonderful, naturally plump lips. I'd give my best vintage dress for lips a fraction as full as yours!

♥ Jessica

Sanne said...

I have to try it, thanks for sharing. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, Solonah, you look beautiful :) This is a wonderful tutorial, going to try it, the very next time I go out :) x

Molly M. said...

Great post and very helpful! I will be trying this out this weekend when I have to pull out the red lippy!

debra mejia said...

This is a great lipstick tutorial. Just in time too, I have a wedding to go to. I'll try this! Thanks.

Lisa said...

That hankie is out of control. I'm glad to know this works, will have to give it a shot!

Lauren Hairston said...

I can confirm that this is practically the only lipstick procedure that will keep things in place longer than about 45 minutes. I'm thinking I must have read about this around the same time you did. Can't remember where I heard about it, though. I wonder if we got it from the same book?

Shannon said...

I thought of you today- peeking from the bottom of a suitcase pile was that tweed pattern I knew in an instant. But I think someone's super heavy puppy slept on it for months. It wasn't near as vibrant and have to own as the lovely you posted. Still. I had a Vixen moment. :)

Unknown said...

This is awesome, might try this for our party this weekend. :)

stellaarium said...

Great visual! Thank you!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your tutorial! I will try the powder then, I never didi it this way!