{Cinderella} Ella + Kit

One of my very favorite films ever is the most recent live action Cinderella. It's beautifully done, with excellent casting and performances, not to mention all the visuals involved. But I think what really stands out is that it's a good story, and Cinderella reminds us to be our best selves (I tried a less cheesy way of saying that but it just had to be put that way). Ella and Prince Kit each have their own hardships in the film, and I think Richard Madden put it best in his description of modernizing the character: 

"This was so much more interesting because I had to make a character that’s worthy of being around her and worthy of her affections. So, I made him someone who had a sense of humor and who is aware of his own privilege and who has compassion for everyone around him."

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The two have excellent chemistry, and I think it's the perfect way of telling a classic fairytale for a modern audience. I have about a million screencaps saved so I'll do a few posts featuring different themes, this time it's all about Cinderella and Prince Kit. 

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Jessica said...

I still haven't seen it, but it's definitely on my list! I loved (LOVED) the animated movie when I was a child, so I have no doubt that I would enjoy the live action version immensely.
A style blogging website did a fantastic job analyzing the costumes from the movie, you might really enjoy reading it.
Tom and Lorenzo + Cinderalla (pt. 1) and Part 2
Jessica, Zella Maybe

Kezzie said...

I really want to see it after reading this! Cinderella has ALWAYS been my favourite fairy tale!!!! xx

Anna McClurg said...

I recently watched this for the first time a few months ago (finally...) and I totally agree! It was a lovely film! Growing up, the Disney animation film was my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! I still enjoy watching it from time to time! And I felt the same happy vibes watching this live action version. <3