Stormy seas hat

A few years ago I made this hat for an 18th Century costume party, and while I may have posted a snapshot of the costume, I never did a proper post of my favorite aspect of the outfit: The hat! 

I just watched Mirror Mirror for the first time yesterday, and in one scene people have ship hats on, so it reminded me to actually photograph my own! 

I wanted the ship to look as though it were caught up in fateful wave, the blue and white plumage reaching up and over. I used traditional buckram as best I could, using needle and thread rather than hot glue, and I'm surprised it's held up this long! I haven't attempted more millinery creations, but this was a fun one, maybe one day I'll have another use for it.  


Roli said...

That is a truly impressive hat, and lovely photos!

kariss said...

I love this, the colours are adorable!

DressUpNotDown said...

I am picking my jaw up off the floor!!!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Sensationally awesome chapeau.

♥ Jessica

Kate said...

Wow, that hat is stunning!!

Unknown said...

A long over due visit to one of my favourite vintage style bloggers. And you've gone all 18th century ! Love the hat.

Unknown said...

This is just so creative. A far cry from some of the costumes out there and it looks stunning!
Thanks, Sarah :-)