Blogger meet-up with The Vintage Wife!

It was days like today that remind me how lucky I am to have started blogging. Without Vixen Vintage I would not have know of all the awesome people out there (yes, you!) who love vintage as I do, if only we could all meet for coffee and chat away!
Well this afternoon I did just that with one of my favorite bloggers, Cedar of The Vintage Wife. I can't begin to say how much fun we had, we met at a coffee shop, talked non stop about vintage, estate sales, and how there are so many cocktail dresses and not enough cocktail parties. She is so sweet, and enjoyable to hang out with, and oh how adorable! I think we were both a bit nervous at first, but it was so funny when we first saw each other and realized we wore similar dresses!
After "coffee" (a smoothie and ice tea) we walked to Frock You!, a great vintage shop with so many pretties! I tried on a lot, although nothing was quite the right fit, we had so much fun looking at some crazy purses and trying on hats (there was one little black Jacques Fath hat I fell in love with), and talking poodle skirts with the guy working there. A little side note, I love seeing guys who work at vintage shops, it's great to see their take on vintage!
After Frock you! My mother drove us a few blocks to a vintage shop that had unfortunately closed, but we did pop into Fables, the darling storefront for this Etsy shop, you've probably seen the darling sailor swimsuits all over Etsy! The owner was so cute and nice, it was really cool to meet her even though we weren't planning on it, and I just couldn't get over the shower themed dressing room!
So as you can see it was a wonderful afternoon, I hope this will be the first of many blogger meet-ups, and I really hope to see Cedar again, she is the kind of friend I'd love to have!


Anonymous said...

Your outfits look great together, just as if you'd planned it! What a fun idea to have a shower changing room :-)

Tess, That'll Do said...

You two look so adorable! The internet can be a wonderful tool. I met so many of my current friends via my old flickr account.

The Vintage Hair Chick said...

Two beautiful ladies! Cannot tell you how happy I am to read each of your installments! LOL Between you and the Vintage Housewife, I cannot get a thing done around here LOL! xoxo

Unknown said...

Killer outfits and the sun is shining !

Tasia said...

its always exciting to meet people the way you gals did...not sure what to expect but then when it happens, its like you've known eachother for years! you guys are like two peas in pod! so cute! Have a great rest of your trip!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww You both look simply beautiful!! It is so nice that you had a great time together.

Maria Confer said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful meet up.

Your Cali trip has looked so fun.

Lulu Letty

Lucky Dame said...

Were you able to go to Wear It Again, Sam's Vintage store? That store has been a San Diego staple for a long while.

Solanah said...

LuckyDame, that shop closed back in March, they had a big sale and I got a great coat!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Blogger meet-ups are SO much fun! Emily from Livin' Vintage just came to St Louis a few weeks ago to meet and hang out all weekend. I've met so many awesome people through my blog (including my vintage bestie!). I love being able to read about meet-ups and shopping trips from both blogger's views. -very- cool!

Cedar said...

I had such a good time yesterday! I can't get over how cute that shower/dressing room is!

Thanks for sharing the pics, I completely forgot to take my camera out of my purse!!

Lizzy said...

Hey girls!! you both look great! I love those outfits!!! Great pix!

Sarah Dee said...

Ohhh it sounds like you had so much fun!!!


Alyssa said...

Oh, I'm jealous of that shower curtain like you would not believe!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I think I sold that dress to the The Vintage Wife. At least, I sold one just like it. You both look so coordinated and cute.

marion said...

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