Win a $100 shopping spree at LA Vintage!

Sunshine Romper,Red Loafers
Switzerland scarf,Straw Purse

I've been at a loss for a good giveaway lately, so when LA Vintage emailed me with an offer for $100 for one of my lovely readers I jumped at the chance! They have a wide selection of dresses, shoes, mens clothing, and everything in between! They even have a plus size section, how cool is that?

All you need to do to enter is visit LA Vintage, browse around, and comment back here telling me what you would buy with your possible $100, and don't forget to leave your email address. Thats it! Just browse and comment. Aaaaaaand, it's open to international readers!

The winner will be picked Friday May 21st at random.

Above you can see what I've picked out as my favorites, a perfect little summer outfit. So now go find something perfect for you!


j3nnyclair3 said...
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KnitFitch said...

LOVE the Perforated Cloud Dress 50s!!! SOO CUTE AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER! :) Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

I would pick up "A Girls Best Friend Dress 50s" and maybe "Polka Love Dot Blouse 80s". It's so hard to find cute vintage above a size 8. Schliess81@yahoo.com

Keebo said...

Definitely would go crazy on the accessories. Would choose:

* In The Middle Of The Night Purse 60s

* Gold Tie Affair Belt 80s

* Annabelle 60s Loafers 10.5

* Block Bag

Keebo said...

contact: http://twitter.com/pettybo

Gracie said...

Oh yay yay yay! I saw that yellow romper from a distance and my heart fluttered! I just don't think it would fit me :(
I love how they actually have a decent plus size section, usually they're just full of a few cruddy items!
I think I would probably go with the Mister Mods Glorious Adventure dress, or maybe the popsicle orange sweater dress. Or maybe the All in the Fun Mod Dress.
Or maybe them all! Haha

My email is gracie.johns@gmail.com

modernlover said...

I'd totally pick up the cute '60s Christie Johnson Dress and the Cherokee of CA Wedges which match perfectly!


Harmony said...

Definitely the Sunshine Romper! Oh so cute!


Cedar said...

I would definitely get this little yellow dress! http://www.lavintage.com/Canary%20Mary%20Dress%2050s.htm

Michelle said...

I'm soooo happy they have a plus size section, usually I'm stuck with only accessories. I really like the brown prep school dress, very mod.

Sabine42 said...

Lovely give away-- and great to see some vintage for girls of all sizes :)

I love the either the Roses are Red black cocktail dress or the Marshall Field's coat...both are lovely!

Rosemary said...

Hmmm... I would pick the 60's Puddle Jumper Raincoat!

Lisa said...

I'd get the Lilly White Purse and the Dover Leather Handbag.


Dawn Trest said...

loving the rose print romper....so cute!!!


Lisa said...

Sunshine Came Softly Romper

or the

Perforated Cloud Dress

Either would be just fine!

Thanks for having a giveaway!


Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

Garnet said...

I would go apron crazy, if I won... the "Spring in March" apron with the embroidered daffodil is just too sweet. The "Sailboats And Fishies" apron is nautical perfection and the very best of the best is the "Mid Century Modern" apron!

A dame can NEVER have too many aprons! :)

(my email is mercurielle@gmail.com)

Twila Jean said...

The 50s white eyelet dress

For sure. <3

j3nnyclair3 said...

A fox fur muff would be amazing. I've always wanted a muff. jennyclairedesigns at gmail.com


LOVE LOVE LOVE the summer fair dress... so cute & fun! Thanks for another fabulous giveaway:)


Jenni King said...

I would definitely buy that Puddle Jumper Raincoat! So adorable!

pixie . in . pumps @ gmail . com

thanks for introducing me to an awesome vintage store I didn't know about!

melina bee said...

I'm a sucker for 60s mini dresses so naturally I love the geogasm mod dress. I also love leather though so I'd get the leather 80s bustier as well. adeerable at gmail

Bridget said...

Oh my...the cotillion wedding dress is incredible. Incredible

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Oh My!!! This is one rockin' vintage store that make me want to run through their closet!! Dang... There seriously are so many fab finds here. But, since for some unknown reason I had a cape like this coat back in the day and must have given it away.... I would like it back! Now! LOL...

This is seriously the best vintage shop I have ever seen. And, this is coming from a dealer.

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Woops... My heart is still pounding from the crazy overwhelming amount of fab vintage goods. I forgot to give you my e-mail... fabulousfindsandco@cox.net

sarah said...

Ooh, lovely! What a fab vintage shop. I'd pick the Perforated Cloud Dress. It's lovely. :) Thanks for the chance!


Christybernadet said...

The straw purse!

Alicia said...

I absolutely love the Lilly White Purse and Chloe Mustard Top! That's so great they have a plus size section - hard to find in vintage. Thanks! aliciacaudillo@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I'm positively drooling over the 1940s Black silk T-Strap shoes (although I'm sure they're from the '30s, not the '40s). Gorgeous!


Sarah Louise said...

I would probably get the Suede Studio Flats and the Spring Time Heels. Great giveaway!

Sarah Louise

Vindiciti said...

I'd love to get the Oh Martha dress and llama fur coat! Awesome giveaway! Oh, and my 3 year old daughter and I have loved your vacation photos.


SewDotCoe said...

Oh, man, it's my birthday tomorrow and I would TOTALLY splurge on these:


I can only imagine how awesome I would be in those. Mmmmm.

Failing that, then this:


and these:


Anonymous said...

i would get the 50's alex coleman pleated skirt! i absolutely love pin up style, and i have yet to have a perfect black skirt! :]


Anonymous said...

Blueberry scone coat, and a fedora! Too sweet!

Sirens Sexy said...

I love the Miss Victoria Lace Top 80s...it is like such a romantic piece.

The hats on there are all lovely too!

Anonymous said...

Love the karate kid 60s dress and the 90s chunky buckle loafers!

north.fred (at) gmail.com

Samantha Foster said...

I love the Boardwalk Caper Bag 80s (which you also pictured!! great minds think alike!) There are so many great little dresses, but I need a good, small summer bag!


mary van note said...

awesome. I'd get these 70s platforms http://www.lavintage.com/Native%20Wear%20Platforms%2010.htm

and this beautiful white 50s dress http://www.lavintage.com/Perforated-Cloud-Dress-50s.htm

TheFondueGoddess said...

aahh, definately the Of Course heels (http://www.lavintage.com/Of-Course-Heels-9.htm) -- because these would go so well with the vintage dress I am making for my summe wedding.

Plus the Sterling Glitter purse (http://www.lavintage.com/Sterling-Glitter-Purse-50s.htm) -- for the exact same reason: it would go great with my wedding outfit.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


d said...

daisy mae dress!

40sDiva said...

If I won the $100 give away, I would use it to purchase plus size clothing... I feel that vintage works for every woman of every size, but it is so hard to find plus size vintage. I would love every woman to be able to express herself and love the way she looks, no matter what size she is! The media has taken that confidence away from so many women, and it saddens me.... For me, the $100 would be a chance to show women of ALL sizes that there are beautiful clothes out there that ANYONE can look fabulous in, and that can accentuate beautiful curves. Vintage clothing can not only do that, but provides a timeless sense of classic style that looks good on ANY shape and in ANY size!

Rebeccak said...

What an amazing give-away! I love the way you can search the shop by size.

I love the Mary Jo Romper 60s!!


frankensteinsbride1313 said...

I absolutely love this playsuit http://www.lavintage.com/Holly-Monroe-Bathing-Suit-60s.htm
and these boots

frankensteinsbride1313 at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Oooh~ So many hard decisions.

I would probably get:
The Razzle Dazzle Sequin Skirt (http://www.lavintage.com/Razzle-Dazzle-Sequin-Skirt-80s.htm), the Tunis Sandals ( http://www.lavintage.com/Tunis%20Sandals%206%201/2.htm), or the Bob Ross Blazer (http://www.lavintage.com/Bob-Ross-Blazer-80s.htm).

Everything is so cool.

Unknown said...

I would probably get the La Caleche Heels 9. Love the heel!

tartdeco at gmail dot com

RedonmyHead! said...

I'm absolutely in love with your blog (just thought I'd get that out of the way) As for this giveaway-AMAZING!! I would have to choose the Summer Fair Dress(60s) paired with the Red Dragon flats!! Thanks, Solanah!


Melanie said...

I love the "Perler Bead Dress" and the "Disneyland Tee". I hope I win, I really want these!

Anonymous said...

Oh! London mod romper! Eeee! I hope I win!!!


Anonymous said...

Sunset dive bathing suit and south beach dress!


Théa said...

What a wonderful shop!!!

I would buy a lot more but here are my faves:

This very hard to get (in Germany!) purse

These awesome Hush Puppy Pumps

and this gorgeous Anchor Drop Romper (even though I am not especially in love with the 80s)

my email-adress: sommervogel81@hotmail.de

Sher said...

Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I adore the Heidi hideaway dress and the candy cane jumper:)


A Broad Named Betty said...

Oh la la, either the Pink Stripes are Very Nice Dress, the Amazon Adventure Dress, or the Indigo Queen Dress.

Wait, I take it all back; I'd kill for those 40s crocodile Sommer Heels!

~Jolene'sMemoryKeeping said...

yeah plus sizes! so happy! ok so if I had $100 to spend on thier site i wouldn't be able to get to $100 (call me a bargin shopper lol) i would get the quilted houndstooth party dress from the 60's (42.90) and the snow white and the seven dots...creative names, which is also 42.90. doth are so cute!

May said...

I would get the "Girls Best Friend" dress (55.25) and the "Charlie Brown Tent" dress (45.75)

Leslie Marie said...

How fun! It's so hard to choose, but I love the 60s Summer Fair Dress and the Black Ferragamo T Straps in size 9!



Trisha Marie said...

I would defiantly get the Perler Bead Dress 60s and the Anastasia Bodysuit 80s

MissDilemma said...

I would get the summer frolic blouse or a cute dress <3

Rachel said...

I would choose the made in brazil t-straps, patent mary janes, and the naughty little apron.

Peldyn said...

The Trudy Darling Sweater is totally cute and looks to be a cinch to alter down!

I would also get the Tea Party Tapestry Purse.



Sarah Dee said...

Oh my! This shop is amazing!! I would definitely get the Lou Ette Jacket and the Dainty Heels!

Ill definitely be shopping here from now on =)


Jenni said...

I love LA Vintage! Oh man, I can hardly pick anything... Okay, shoes! Some combination of the Ipanema wedges, the Berkman Brown clogs, the Cindy wedges, the Summer fling boots, and the Justin combat boots. I can't choose which combo, though. :D

Claire Johnson said...

aw man there are so many good ones but i would get Persimmon Delight Dress 60s


Arielle said...

I'd get the Singing Lillies Dress and the Farrah Fringe Boots.


Klaus said...
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Kate said...

Saks Fifth Picnic Dress is lovely! I want!



Sweeet said...

Ooh ! I ♥ the Calico Granny white Boots 7 !


Vanessa said...

Wow! I would get the Perforated Cloud 50s dress, I've been looking for the perfect white dress for summer!

Anonymous said...

What a great shop,

I would spend it on these two things... maybe, it's so hard to choose.

<3 nicole.nickers@gmail.com

Cassandra B. said...

I love the selection of shoes!

I would get the Lace Gray Pumps and the Spring Time Heels.


Unknown said...

It's so hard to find in Lithuania vintage bathing suit, so I'll certainly choose this one: http://www.lavintage.com/Sunset-Dive-Bathing-Suit-60s.htm

And of course the shoes: http://www.lavintage.com/Basket-Weave-Heels-8.htm

Thank you for opening this give away for international readers. ;D

Sherry said...

Oh my, I would buy that Summer Fair Dress. It is so lovely!!

crazyhatman said...

how could i go past the "pink stripes are very nice" dress? gorgeous and in my size! http://www.lavintage.com/Pink%20Stripes%20Are%20Very%20Nice%20Dress%2060s.htm


Carys said...

I think I'd pick the 'Hippie Commune Dress 70s', or the 'Jessica McClintock Daisy Dress 70s'. I'm in quite a hippy mood at the moment, they would both be so perfect for the festival I'm going to over the summer!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Kerstin said...






all really cute bags:D

The Editor said...

they have so many amazing clothes! I think I'd go with the 50s trudy darling sweater, and the linda loafers. i can never find vintage shoes in my size!!

viv said...

Cool giveaway! I’d wear this
with this

Quite a nice selection of shoes they have!


ASLI - BB said...

I loved all the shoes :) They're wonderful.

I'd pick Curly Sue Blouse 80s, Faux Friends Wedges 7 1/2 and Kathie Lee Button Bag 80s.


Princess Margot said...

What an amazing shop! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I do not know what to choose but most probably I would buy either

Mr Blue I love you dress

Or Celine Paris Blazer

Or ruby red secretary top

They have amazing things!!!!



Anonymous said...

I would choose the 'Yodel all the way to my heart' dress and 'Amidst the flowers' blouse - I have been looking for a dirndl to wear to our Eurovision Song Contest BBQ and this would be perfect (and comes to exactly $100, so it's meant to be!)



Anonymous said...

I love the Kinney platform shoes, and the Gloria skirt is cute cute!

Anonymous said...

email for above comment is

No art said...

There are sooooo many to choose from, nearly too much!!
I love these shoes:
I love this skirt:
I love this handbag:
And I love many many other bits too!
Thanks a bunch for the link even!

HanM said...

"Summer On The Prairies Dress 70s" is so gorgeous! =)

Jennilee said...

So many cute things!

I love the 40's T-strap shoes!

And the Black sheep purse and the Garden Party purse are both adorable!

Claire said...

I didn't even get past the first page. Harley Fringe bralet and the Oh My God Becky Suspender dress. A little bit over $100, but what's a few dollars of top-up?

Lucia said...

Aww...so many cute items!!

maybe Jade Brown Fedora can make my day or British Royal Guard Purse 80s or Boardwalk Caper Bag 80s

thank you :D

Anonymous said...

So many cute things!!

Minerva said...

It's too hard to choose just one.
I liked a lot Born Again Dress 80s and Waldorf Peplum Dress 80s. And I can't help and think about Serena Pastel Dress 80s....

Lady Laura said...

Thanks for the give-away and sharing the link. I loved browsing at this site. They have a GREAT plus-size section!!! I'd get the teacher's pet babydoll dress and wear it all summer long and then wear it with a black turtle neck and black tights into Autumn.
Although that Sasha Crochet Tassle coat is pretty fab, too.

Rose said...

A wonderful giveaway!
I really like the perforated cloud dress, perfect for inbetween weather.


Katie said...

so many items i am in love with!!

Beware boots
Shadow go go boots
Crazy platforms
Daisy crochet dress
Pychedelic Psychiatrist Dress 60s
Blended Psychedelic Mod Dress 1960s
Harley fringe bralet
Aunt millie top
Groupie tee

i think that i would be broke if i spent too much time in that shop haha


Purrfect Kat said...

i would pick some fringe cowboy boots! and also that sweet little 560s summer fair dress....

Purrfect Kat said...

oh my email!

Alycia Castillo Photography said...

I would pick:

This dress:

These shoes:

This belt:

Not for the dress, per se, but it's cute!


Anonymous said...

I love the Pink 60's dress with the ostrich box! Sorry forgot to put my name :P
Chelsea Duncan

girlcallednever said...

The Oh Martha dress, and possibly the Red Head Coat.


olygirl said...

Lovely giveaway!

I would get the Indian Summer Sandals and Hideaway Heidi 70's dress! Oh the places I could go :D


Charlotte said...

It would have to be the 40s T-strap silk heels! Although they're too small. But I could just admire them!

Charlotte xx
Tuppence Ha'penny

Miss Boom said...

I'd get the Tallulah Nightie And Peignoir. So Mad Men!

katy said...

I would love to have the Licorice Velvet Bolero and the Fox Fur Ruffled Muff! Great giveaway :)

Becky said...

What a fantastic giveaway!

I'm torn between the Belle Cocktail Dress, Silver Shadow Believer Dress, Bertha Cropped Coat, Mary Jo Romper, A Girl's Best Friend Dress and Strawberry Fields Mini Dress.

So many lovely things!


Stefanie Valentine said...

Oh my, what a great giveaway! I would choose the black 40s pumps and the delectable beaded 50s sweater. Gorgeous!

Allison said...

shoes! red! lizzy or olivia heels! perfect summer shoes.

I Montgomery said...

I would absolutely adore the Marianne Minty Dress and the Sacha London heels!


Autumn said...

The puddle jumper raincoat, and the boardwalk caper bag! Oh I love this website...

Lucy B said...

I love so many of the bags, especaially the Broadwalk Caper Bag & the Budding Romance Clutch. What a fab giveaway!

miss jille said...

The Peggy Sue Dress, definitely!


The Mrs. said...

Okay I loved the Perforated Cloud Dress & the Redheaded Coat! :-D
So many great things to choose from!!!


Melissa Collins said...

I just got a 40s nightgown for my birthday,I wold love to have the Tonight is the Night negligee. The Victoria day hat, 40s French Room platforms, and Delectable beaded sweater are all beautiful!!


Erica said...

I would go with the "Pink Stripes are Very Nice Dress."
My email is estauty@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said...

I would get Thumper Floral Coat Dress from the plus size section and the size 10 Athena Huaraches flats!


Anonymous said...

Love the pretty petal apron and the thin mint jacket! So cute! irredenta21@yahoo.com

Ivy said...

So many cute things!
I think I would buy my sister the
50's Saks Fifth Picnic dress
and myself the Holo Holo Hawaiian Prairie dress. :)


Dani said...

I would buy the "Game of Checkers" skirt (I've been looking for a black&white check skirt for SOO long ahh!) and the "Dalmatian Summer Dress". Haha can you tell I love black and white?



Maria Confer said...

Awesome giveaway Solanah!!

I want both the sunshine and purple people eating rompers.

Lulu Letty

ilzabeth said...

I would definitely pick the "I love you" 1960's blue flower dress. Adorable!!


Jane Eats Edinburgh said...

Tonight Is The Night Negligee...time to throw out my hoodie and holey pj bottoms! Plus even in Scotland it gets warm enough to wear something skimpy to bed!

Caitie said...

I would get the Lavendar And Lace Prom Dress 50s because I think it's beautiful and I have a school prom at the end of the year and would love to be able to wear something different and vintage.


Sandra said...

this is a real hard one...
i simply adore the perfoated cloud 50s dress ...also the free bird scarf is pretty neat. i can't seem to get enough of scarves!

Sophie V said...

Ooooh!!!! So many pretty things! I love the By Your Side Dress 50s. :)


Maud said...

hmmm.. I have to pick something green.. and a coat..
It would be Puddle Jumper Raincoat from the 60's. So, I would be happy, even with a rainy summer!


xj. said...
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xj. said...

They have such a lovely collection of things! But the Pink Stripes Are Very Nice 60's dress stole my heart. That's definitely what I would pick.

Sorry, forgot to add my e-mail is nearabsence@gmail.com

Tasha said...

I would get the Tonight Is The Night Negligee 50s and the Little Miss Jack Skirt 60s.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Oh how wonderful. I have looked through this site quite a few times, and the last one was when I found out one of my friends' cousins named Rachelle has modeled for them, so I went to check it out again but it has been about a month now. Love this giveaway.

I would probably get Pink Stripes Are Very Nice Dress which is pretty much the hundred bucks right there. Otherwise the Print Twist dress and Singing Tree Prairie Skirt


MissV said...

I would have to pick the Polka Love Dot Blouse 80's and the Caged In Bloomers 80's. With more money there would be cute wedges and four weeks on a beach involved to, but I am guessing that a Caribbean doesn't come as a secret perk.

Sarah Swanson said...

I have a southern wedding to go to this summer and have been at a loss for outfit ideas. Here's what I'd buy at LA Vintage for the wedding if I won the giveaway! (Email: swanson20@gmail.com)

Love Struct Dress 80s

Floral Wedges

Anonymous said...

pop music dot shorts, oscar de la renta scouts honor shirt, neon fish tank. holy wow!


strawberry moth said...

Since spring has hit I've been aching for some chunky wedge sandals and I spotted the perfect pair at LA Vintage!


I think I'll let my boyfriend pick out something for himself too...since he puts up with me being on blogger sites for at least 2 hours every evening.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!
xoxo, Jessie


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

I want the Rosenfeld Bowler Bag 60s and the Cherokee of CA Wedges 5.

JBalloon said...

I'd get the Sea Stars Ruched Bathing Suit 50s and the Loopdy Loop Purse 60s.


katbe said...

Caged In Bloomers 80s or the Cowgirl Fringe Denim Jacket 80s:)
they would be perfect!

Miss Woody said...

lovely banner ! gorgeous yellow dress !

Adorably Bitter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous things! My favourites are the Mod Dress http://www.lavintage.com/Lindi%20Cheery%20Mod%20Dress%2060s.htm and the India cocktail dress http://www.lavintage.com/India%20Cocktail%20Dress%2060s.htm And this is gorgeous too http://www.lavintage.com/Blue%20Rose%20Peignoir%2060s.htm

Amanda Awesome said...

I'd probably go with the Floral Tea Time dress and the Midnight Velvet Purse.

Anonymous said...

I found so many things that I love! I fell in love with the orange dock martin mary janes, the 1980's Disneyland tee, the 1970's Sir Mickey shirt (I've never seen anything like it!), and the 1970's Southern Sunrise purse.

Birdie said...

Oh, no. A new vintage shop to be obsessed with. My kids are going to starve, lol.
I'd pick the Xavier Danaud Heels and the Tonight is the Night Negligee, which now that I think about it would look pretty darned cute together. I think I could live in the Negligee, it is so incredibly cute, and I'm sure the man would appreciate it come mid-tour.
Now I must go lust after more clothes. Btw, your swimsuit on the day 7 post is to die for! Oh! - birdiesays.clothes@gmail.com

Kiki vonTiki said...

A pair of vintage cowboy boots!

Judith said...

Youhou ! I'd have the lipstick 804s prom dress, please ! And a shirt for my boyfriend !
Thanks !
Love your blog,
bye bye

CherryRosie said...

I would use the Goft Certificate towards the Cotillion Wedding Dress 50s, its drop dead gorgeous!!


Michelle Marie said...

What a fun giveaway!!

Hmm I usually jump right for dresses, but shoes caught my eye this time around. The gray suede Amalfi heels from the 50s are to-die-for gorgeous! I'd most like get either those or the Onasis Coat, what a classic and elegant piece :)

Mallory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mallory said...

I lOVE this one:

but all the cute little 60's aprons are adorable as well, and who doesn't want to look cute while they're cooking dinner?


Buckmistress said...

Ooh! Pink Stripes are Very Nice dress for me please!

sewsuglybags at gmail dot commmmmmm

Sarah said...

I'm so glad that I'm not picking out an item now - there's too much!

I'm leaning toward the 80s floral tea time dress, but would probably pick out something practical that I can wear to the office.

sarah [dot] dietze at yahoo dot com

Kelsey said...

I would pick the 80s Spreckle Spots Dress!


ina said...

What a great giveaway! I like the 50s Stepford Crop Jacket, the 60's Resplandor Heels and the 60s Hand Basket purse.

Unknown said...

I've been following your blog for ages, but this contest compelled me to finally comment!

I'm doing my Masters in Library and Information Science, and when I tell people that they automatically associate me with pencil skirts and glasses and tweed.If I had a hundred bucks to spend at LA Vintage, I would try to shed my mousy image and wear the
jungle book dress to work to prove that library girls can be wild too.


With the left over money I would buy a killer winter hat. I live in Canada and it gets super cold in the winter and my little apartment is a long long way from library school.


My e-mail address is abulman2@gmail.com, and I blog over at http://hellohellorobots.wordpress.com/

Thanks for introducing me to such a great store!

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous give away...I would for sure want the Oh Martha and the Green Thumb dresses!

Dakota said...

What a magical giveaway...!! Thanks so much for the opportunity; I am madly in love with the little cinnamon-hued "Sea Stars Ruched Bathing Suit"; I never thought I'd like a one-piecer but this is sososo pretty!
Contact: dakotawalsh (at) ymail.com

J. Christina Huh said...

The green hotel party dress looks so much fun!: http://www.lavintage.com/Hotel-Party-Dress-60s.htm

Kitten loves vintage said...

What a nice giveaway! I would probably spend the 100$ on the lovely "1940s peep toe heels" and the bright and fun "Alexander red purse 60s". A girl can never have too many shoes and handbags now can she? ;)

Lisa said...

Amazing giveaway! I love the kaleidoscope jumpsuit and your picks the sunshine romper and straw purse.


Justine said...

I absolutely love that they have a plus sized section, that is always my problem when looking for vintage!

I would definitely buy a vintage bathing suit with the money; that's all I'm wanting for the summer.

Eyeliah said...

these red boots in my size; http://www.lavintage.com/Close%20To%20Me%20Boots%209.htm
and I'd still have money leftover!!

Miss Boston Mac said...

Don't know if I'm too late, but I'd love to get the "my favorite tartan blazer" from the site. So cute!

Thanks! Stacey


Unknown said...

When do we find out?!

Kitty said...

I'm in love with the floral tea party dress in the plus size section.

Wishing you love,
Fritzi Marie


Olivia said...

I like a day in the bahamas dress! Or forever young prom dress!

Rowdy said...

I loved the Sea Stars Ruched Bathing Suit! It's one of my favorite colors....