Sam I am

As a "fashion blogger" I get a lot of questions about my other half. Does he dress vintage too? Do you two coordinate outfits? How does he handle all your hats? Or for that matter, cats? (we actually don't have a cat, just lot's of kitty things).
I am lucky to have a husband that enjoys his own wardrobe. He doesn't have a whole lot of clothes, but he loves what he has. We are funny in the way that I, one one hand, will easily spend money on clothing, but cannot justify buying books. He, on the other hand can buy books but has to be persuaded to buy clothing. But the clothing he does have is quality, and stylish, and he knows exactly how to wear them. And it bugs him that men use the excuse of being a man to dress sloppy. So late one night, he decided to start his very own style blog! Sound familiar?

He named it Dapper as Hell because that's what he aspires to be. So if your a guy, know a guy, or would like to meet my other half, go visit!

On that note check out this picture I found yesterday at an estate sale, I couldn't pass it up. It's from the 40s, and the mix of guys in boaters, classic signs, and bowties was irresistible. Only after I bought it did I see the guy on the right wearing converse with his ensemble, how cute is that?


raveninthewolfden said...

Imma lovin that photo!

Tess, That'll Do said...

How funny. My sweetie's name is Samuel as well. :)

While they appear to wear the same shoes, I can't say my Sam will independently wear anything but t-shirts and jeans. (Not that I can really complain. I rarely wear my vintage dresses for going out to the flea market and such because I fear ruining them!)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

My husband would totally agree with yours. The only difference is that he could spend lots of money on both books and clothing. He loves and always has loved to be fashionable. He was wearing a suit the first day I saw him back in high school, while everyone else wore their t-shirts and jeans and such. He really loves early traditional working class UK mod men's clothing.
This was fun to read and get to know a bit about what life is like for you guys.

My husband's middle name is Samuel. He wishes it were his first name because Robert/Rob is way overused. Sometimes I call him Sammy because he really really really hates his boring name. Poor guy.

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

What a cute post! My husband sounds much like sam in that he will buy books and fun things with no problem but buying clothes is like pulling teeth! I will direct my husbie to Sam's blog. I think he'll get a kick out of it! He doesn't wear vintage but he did start shaving with a vintage straight razor recently! You never know, maybe he'll come to the dark side with us! hehe!

lyptis said...

Great picture!
The guy with the converse does it right, looks so cool.

Gotta check out ur man's blog.

Melissa Righero said...

You really are so lucky to have a hubs with style. Don't get me wrong, my husband knows how to dress...It's just a matter if he feels like putting it together (Which your husband is right...men = slobs a lot of the time)

Will check out the male fashion blog. (Maybe make my husband too)

Andi B. Goode said...

That picture is great!!! What an amazing find.
And definitely going to follow Sam's blog. =]
-Andi x

Helen said...

there definitely need to be more male fashion blogs!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Fantastic photo, what a great find that was! I'm going to check Sam's blog now, and i will lead my other half to it as well i think :) xx

Vanessa said...

Whatever happened to your beautiful etsy shop?

Chloƫ, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Thats so cool that your husband has a fashion blog as well. you have very cute style by the way.

Matroskin said...

I just happened upon your blog, I love it! Your outfits are quite wonderful. I collect vintage patterns, but never had the courage to make anything with them.

Philippa said...

Thats exactly like me and my boyfriend! he will take me to book shops and he will buy tons of books and I will just ponder around the fashion history section and then I will drag him to op shops, garage sales and markets and I will buy heaps of clothes but my boyfriend will only look at hats. He has a hat obsession! He is also very dapper though, he dresses beautifully!
This is a link of a photo of him at his farm:

Solanah said...

Vanessa, it's shut down for now :)

Philippa, that is such an adorable photo, I'm going to show it to Sam!

Jenni King said...

that picture at the bottom is so wonderful! very Gerry Winogrand! What a fun estate sale find.