Old Town Orange


Sunday before we left sunny California (it's easy to forget Christmas is this week when it's bright and cheery out), we spent some time in old town Orange. 

We made stops at both the womens and mens shops by Elsewhere Vintage, and I easily could have spent all day, and a small fortune at the womens shop! I stopped myself from looking at everything after I found some gold lame' cigarette pants, and a fur beret. Fabulous much? 

Highly recommend both if you're ever in the area, they storekeepers were nice, and helpful, and the selection is fantastic! 

We also went to Heavenly Hostess, a boutique based around the fantastic vintage style aprons, I wear mine nearly everyday, as you can see in this post. It was a bridal shower gift, and I really adore it! 

So imagine how giddy I was when I asked if the women who makes the aprons lives in the area, and was told "Yes, she's standing right next to me!". So I got to meet Cynthia Wadell, and tell her how much I love my apron, which I though was pretty exciting :)

We lunched at The Fillling Station (Yum!), and browsed antique malls the lined the plaza. It was a fun afternoon! 

Turban tutorial can be found here

1960s Angora sweater and scarf-Urban Eccentric Vintage

1960s black pants-Fab Gabs

Pink 49er-Antique show


Bracelet-Juicy Couture 

Purse-Michael Kors



art deco dame said...

I love your angora sweater.

Crystal Lee said...

This is where I grew up. It's nice to get your perspective. Indeed, I love Elsewhere too. They are such a sweet couple.

Hep~Kitten said...

One of my favorite places to shop is in Elsewhere Vintage and I must say I do really like your outfit from this post and the previous one to!!

Violet Folklore said...

You are rockin' those scarves girl!

I know, isn't this California weather insane?

The photo of you and (I'm assuming) your cousin reminds me of pics of me and my sis. I'm all dolled up in vintage and she's looking cute in sneakers, jeans, and a sweatshirt :-)

Lydia @ TheVintageMama.com said...

So lovely to have you in my neck of the vintage woods! I'm in Fullerton (just about 10 min from Orange). Be sure and check out Downtown Fullerton for great vintage shopping as well!

Oh...and get some gelato at Frati Gelato! The BEST!

Solanah said...

I keep getting recommended Fullerton, next time I'm down there, I'll have to visit! Would love to meet you!

Paigey The Vintage Dame said...

That's so funny that you were at both Disneyland and Old Town Orange because I always go to both of those places! Those are my weekend fillers when I want to get out of little old Victorville! hahah!

Mr. Tiny said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed one of the very best parts of Orange County! Orange is our go to for great restaurants, good shopping and a bit of history. Your pictures are beautiful, as always! To echo Crystal Lee's sentiments, it is so cool to see "The Circle" from a new perspective. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you visited Old Town Orange! I adore the shops and restaurants there. :)

Folklorical said...

I am a fool for lovely packaging:) Those apron boxes are too cute!

Heather Jean said...

lovely gents ;)

Anushka said...

Sounds like a great trip to me! And the sweater you're wearing is just fantastic - especially the colour!

penelope funk said...

Awesome that you visited Orange! Thats my town, I am just down the street from the Old Town Circle. Love Elsewhere Vintage, thats my favorite place to shop!

Matocyn said...

Oh my gosh!! I've been following you for two years, you're my inspiration for everything, and you taught me how to do rag curls... And you happen to visit my second home of the orange circle as I am at school >.< I come here nearly every day!! I love it! Me and my boyfriend go to elsewhere vintage nearly all the time, it's where I got all my sweater guards... And for you to be there at the place where I go to follow my inspiration that you've given me is just so unfair XD I'm glad to hear you had fun!