Eventful Monday


Early breakfast 

Visiting family

Army Barracks 

Attacking sparrows

Comic book store

Trying to make friends is awkward

Four outfits

Avengers again

Arm thingy

Capt. Americas real shoes


{Outfit thrifted or from Urban Eccentric}



Butch said...

Great pictures, you look fab as per. That little girl is the cutest!


Miss Lucy T said...

Miss D breaks moi heart.... Miss R is rocking.... those jeans are to DIE for...... That is all... xxx L

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

amazing photos. it's interesting to see your bakelite bracelets, because we've just started learning about the chemical composition of bakelite in chemistry. amazing how science and fashion can combine.


Charlotte said...

I'm in love with those jeans!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Betty2Tone said...

Aww, your baby cousin is so sassy! :)

Erin Goodman said...

Out of curiosity, is the camera your're holding a minolta? It looks a lot like mine =p

Unknown said...

I love those jeans as well, but they would NOT look like that on me ;-) You're gorgeous, hon.

In The Heyday said...

I do love your jeans too - I think I might have had a pair at one stage. Wrangler?
And I do love a man in a kilt, even more than one in uniform. That'll be my Scottish heritage showing. Or maybe it is just lovely hairy knees.

Jessie Lou said...

Oh that little girl is so adorable! She looks like a real spitfire!

Btw love the outfit, the jeans remind me of a couple pairs that my mom gave me from the 70's.

Looks like you had a great Memorial Day!

Jessie Lou

Melissa Righero said...

Dang girl, you need to do 7a 70's look more often. You look exquisite.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your hat! thanks for sharing such cool pictures!

Casey Maura said...

Love the 70s look on you! :)

Also: had to giggle at your comment about "trying to make friends is awkward". I hear ya! ;)

Solanah said...

Thanks everyone!

Erin, I think so, it's my cousins, makes a nice prop!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Making friends can be very awkward, I wholeheartedly agree (especially if you're naturally shy and/or an introvert...like me). I doubt anyone wouldn't want to be friends with you though, dear gal, you're instantly likable (and endlessly stylish!).

♥ Jessica

Kristian said...

You look so effortlessly gorgeous in this! Love your style.

Your day sounds pretty great except for the making-friends-awkwardness (it is so true though, and it shouldn't be).

Anonymous said...

So much bangle eye candy! I can't resist.

Pretty as always :)


Unknown said...

I love your style!! You look so adorable in your check shirt and dungarees :)

The Clothes Maiden said...

i could literally die over this blog every time - amazing!!


VintageDanielle said...

Cute jeans and shoes!!!

Marloes said...

Absolutly in love with your outfit!

Virginia Who said...

I love these photos! I love this outfit. I'm glad I found this blog.