Oklahoma {Carney}


We're in Oklahoma! Ruth and I flew into Oklahoma City yesterday to join family for a few days, then drive with my grandma and aunt to California. Our first night we went out to dinner, out to ice cream, a soda shop, and went looking for ghosts.

Today we went thrifting, where I found lots of good stuff, but my favorite find was in a store that buys out shops that close. Just my luck the store happened to have a stock full of last summers Anthropologie merchandise, and all the dresses were $35.00!!!!

I limited myself to three.

On our way back we stopped in what used to be our cousins hometown. Now the buildings are abandoned and falling down, and nature taking over. That seems to be something here that doesn't happen so much at home, buildings left to decay with time. It's kind of bittersweet: looks really beautiful, but still sad to see them in ruins. 

*Later edit* The photos were taken in Carney Oklahoma, and the store with the dresses is "Walls" in Stillwater. 

Dress-Urban Eccentric Vintage




Unknown said...

I'm in Oklahoma! What is the name of the town where you shot the photos? Also, what is the thrift store with the Anthro dresses?


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Please, for the love off all that is holy, give me that dress.

Vintagesuburbia said...

Wow, thank you for another great post. You always so such interesting aspects of the cities you go to. Although, like you, I found some of the scenes quite sad. You are GREAT photographer - I really got a sense of the feel of the places you visited. I always feel guilty when I see your photos that I have an SLR and still just use the automatic setting. I must learn to use my camera properly!!

Mademoiselle Maladroite said...

Gosh, I love this dress!!! This shade of green suits you well. Hope you have fun on your trip. Greetings from Germany.

Choeli said...

Welcome to Oklahoma. You will find a lot of abandoned and neglected small towns. It's sad.

Caroline Åsgård said...

Your dress is wonderful, lovely color :)

Caroline Åsgård said...

Your dress is wonderful, lovely color :)

Unknown said...

The dress is so pretty and I love all these photos!


Charlotte said...

I wish we had abandoned buildings for dreamy photoshoots, but sadly there is no such thing in this country - space is too precious on our little island!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Sampada said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your incredible deal!
I love the dress in the first picture too!


Heather said...

Well, welcome to Oklahoma! Glad you're enjoying my home state :) Lol, how come I never find cheap anthro dresses around here!? :)

allisonrathgeber said...

Whish store is this that buys out stores?? I live in OKC and have never heard of such a wonderful store? I hope you are having a great time in my home state!

needle and nest said...

How sad! An entire town left to decay. Your pictures show that there is still beauty left in those old buildings.

Sounds like your having fun! I can't wait to see your finds! :)

The Fabulous Mrs.Wing said...

There are definitely a lot of sad little towns like that here. (I live in Oklahoma City.) Not all of them though. My cousins and dad grew up in Chandler on Route 66 just east of Oklahoma City and it's like going back in time driving through town. I love visiting there.

Beth said...

Awsome! i love Oklahoma almost as much as Kansas! there is a lot to explore down there! hope you have fun. I love the picture with the shoes and broken glass. You guys have such an eye for photography!
Have a wonderful rest of the trip

art deco dame said...

Have a safe trip!Those shots are great,fantastic score on the anthro dresses!

Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely dress! That´s my favourite colour :)
Seems like a very interesting place to visit.

cara said...

really lovely photos! i agree, abandoned towns are both sad and beautiful at the same time.

Zwzzy! Vintage said...

Love the photos, abandoned buildings are so interesting. So much history hidden in them! And oh, where in CA are you headed? :D

Sue Jack said...

I love the pictures....almost eerie. I'm curious, too....where are they taken? Would you share?

I grew up in Oklahoma in a very small town named Drumright. It used to be a booming oil town, but has lost its luster. Every time I go home I see more and more abandoned stores, homes, etc. It is so sad...

Solanah said...

Thanks everyone!

The photos were taken in Carney Oklahoma, and the store with the dresses is "Walls" in Stillwater.


Marcela - Glamour Vintage said...

Wow, your dress is adorable! I absolutely love the color!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures, it sounds like you are having the most ideal time with soda shops, ghosts, and anthropologie dresses - $35 is such an amazing bargain for anthropologie dresses! Speaking of cute dresses, I love your mint colored dress here, it looks gorgeous on you and those red shoes are so cute. The buildings do look beautiful but it is sad that so many towns have gone downhill with the economy.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures and spectacular will power to only limit yourself to three of those dresses! I'm not sure I could've been that well behaved. ;)

Gienah Ghurab said...

Oh, Solanah! I've lurked on your blog for over a year, but I'm usually shy and pressed for time so I don't comment.

I live in the Oklahoma City area (near Edmond) and I wish I'd known you were coming - it would have been a thrill to run into you! But as it appears to be a family visit, I'm sure it's just as well. :)

Gienah Ghurab said...

I'm looking through the comments right now and finding several other Oklahomans. :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

Fantastic travel shots. I really like the appealing blend of artistry and documentary styling at work here.

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday,
♥ Jessica

Lily Bean said...

love the moccasin shot <3 all pix are awesome. and your dress is gorgeous, of course