Tattoos and Thai


Awesome boots and food aside, look at the tattoo Sam surprised me with while I was on the road :) 

Deluxe Tattoo 

  Pok Pok



Thrifted skirt and blouse



Sarah Dee said...

Such a cute outfit!

<3 Sarah

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Now THAT is true love. You two are such a gorgeous couple. May you have all the happiness you want.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Sarah said...

Naw, that's so sweet of him! (and yum.. I'm hungry now!)

Anonymous said...

love the outfit! great pictures! thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Very sweet, but good thing he isn't superstitious! There is a widespread belief that getting somebody's name tattooed on you will curse the relationship. I hope that you can prove that wrong.

art deco dame said...

So sweet of him!I love your skirt and please don't show me Thai food!There is no Thai place around me!it looks so good

Solanah said...

Des, you need to come visit just to go to Pok Pok. It's the best.

Kim, I think we're already screwed with two black cats, so I think once you're over the line, might as well keep going.

Anonymous said...

What is that amazing food? And that is a kick ass tattoo - do you have any of your own?

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, oh, oh ... these colours are ROCKING MY WORLD.

That is the sweetest tatt ever.

Solanah said...

Our daily dress, it's something soup like...something amazing. I forget what it's called, but I got it last time a splattered it all over my blouse (has noodles), so I wore black this time!

No tattoos of my own, I'm the rebel in the family, my skin is ink free ;)

Anonymous said...

That skirt really is something else. It's so vibrant and fun :) The tattoo is really sweet, good on him!
Thanks for posting,


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

that mustard cardigan is the ideal cardigan. I've never learnt to knit though. I grabbed the pattern and asked my grandma but unfortunately her arthritis is too bad. anyway... such a gorgeous outfit!! and such a romantic surprise.


Alli said...

Awww...isn't he sweet! Such a romantic.
And your outfit is so cute. :)
My husband has tattoos, but I'm ink free too like you. I'm too scared to get one lol!

Kristian said...

Cute skirt! And how sweet is your boy?

Violette B. said...

AMAZING outfit! I love mustard color wool, so this jacket seems lovely to me.

Can I ask what´s in the glass?

Unknown said...

That skirt is fabulous, and that tattoo is soooo sweet :) I'm getting my first tattoo in a few weeks. I'm kinda (really) excited ;)

Jessie Lou said...

Aaw! I love your skirt, the pattern is so kind of country cute! I'm like you, the rebel out of my friends I'm ink free as well. I want to change everything, so I know that I would get a tattoo and then want to change it! So I stick to changing everything else in my life.

Veronica said...

How sweet! My dad had his friends tattoo my moms name on his arm when they were in high school! 38 years later they're still going strong :)

Tasha said...

Awww such a sweet tattoo. I have a Victorian lock plate, and my spouse has a key. :)

(Love that skirt!)

Amy said...

That tattoo is so romantic!

seannaapproved said...

That is so sweet of him!!

Witchcrafted Life said...

What a heartwarmingly romantic thing to do. You two - and the clearly fantastic relationship you are blessed to share - have got me tearing up (in the best kind of way) a little over here.

♥ Jessica

Q's Daydream said...

awwww, how CUTE!
love the outfit too ;)

Doganiam Motyle said...

so nice skirt

Dijax.com said...

Love Your Boots

Anonymous said...

The colors in this outfit are so much fun! And how sweet is that tattoo! I love that it's classic and vintage-y, just like both of your styles in general. I just got my first one (a tiny green sewing button) to celebrate graduating from college.

Have a great weekend!
xo Julie

Denine Lachelle said...

I love that skirt!!!!!!!! Whata wonderful thing to come home to. Do you have a tatoo on your wrist?

Solanah said...

Denine Lachelle, nope, no tattoos for me :)