I'll bring the popcorn.

If you have a moment would you recommend some old (1960s or older) films? Or even movies set in the past.

I especially like:




Or anything with amazing costumes, some hats would be nice too!

I've hardly seen anything, a few classics here and there but otherwise I need help!

Thanks so much!


Danielle said...

Some of the older movies that I like are:
Imitation of life(1934 & 1959)
Golden Boy(1937)
Welcome Danger(1929)
The Patsy (silent, but good,1928)
Double Indemnity(1944)
Footlight Parade(1933)
7 Brieds For 7 Brothers (1954)
Give a Girl a Break (1953)
Harry in your Pocket (1973,i know its after the 60s but i liked it)

There are a lot more, but I really liked these! I hope yopu enjoy them, too. :]

Market Publique said...

I love all the Godards, especially in color for the costumes: A Woman is A Woman, Pierrot Le Fou, La Chinoise.

For hats and mystery, Jean Pierre Melville's Le Samourai.

How about you? Can you recommend any faves?

Solanah said...

Thanks girls! I'll search on netflix for these.

I really have seen so few, but right now I really want to watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Cry Baby. Both modern films in vintage times. One thing I like about modern movies set in the past is that they have so much color!

Oh and Gentlemen Prefer Blonds is one of my favorites, it's so much fun!

ForTheBirds said...

Any of the "Thin Man" films starring Myrna Loy and William Powell as Nora and Nick Charles. He's a detective and she's his high-society wife-turned-unofficial partner. They are combination mysteries and romantic comedies, and were made in the 1930s, so you know the costumes are gorgeous.

40sfemme said...

Well my favorite movie couple of all time is boggie and bacall, so The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not, and Key Largo, are amazing. Then there is the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca.

Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head at the moment, but I'll keep thinking.

l'enfant de tapis said...

i can really recommend "the notebook" for it's vintage 40s style (though i honestly did not care too much about the storyline).

also audrey hepburn movies, because hubert de givenchy did almost all her wardrobe in most of her movies, like breakfast at tiffany's, sabrina, funny face, roman holiday. they are really all worth watching!

ForTheBirds said...

Old Katharine Hepburn movies, too, especially Philadelphia Story.

reilly said...

Ooh, yes! These don't all fit in the categories you mentioned but they're ones I've seen and really enjoyed -

State of the Union
His Girl Friday
Smilin' Through
Show People
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Definitely comedy/musical)
A Letter to Three Wives
Of Human Bondage
All About Eve
The Visit

I haven't seen it yet, but I'd recommend Gaslight for mystery/drama.

Basically anything Ingrid Bergman has ever been in, I love love love her. I saw you said you're signed up for Netflix which is great! You can also watch movies instantly online, and they do have older ones available for that! That's how I watched A Letter to Three Wives.

Unknown said...

oh goodness, I could list a million! (actually, I have all of my favorite movies listed in my blogger profile-- almost all of which are pre-1960)

If you like color films, here are a few of my favorites:
Nothing Sacred
Gone with the Wind
The Women (b/w but it has a color fashion show sequence!)
The Garden of Allah
Funny Face
The Barkleys of Broadway
North by Northwest (well, any Hitchcock films)
How to Steal a Million (1966 but I love the clothes!)
How to Marry a Millionaire (you'll love it if you loved Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!)

okay I could go on and on... basically, I think almost every film made before 1960 was terrific, so as long as it was made pre.1960 you can't really go wrong!

N said...

Oh boy...okay, so since everyone seems to be listing older movies, I am going to list contemporary period films:

1. The Duchess
2. The Edge of Love (yes, I am a total Keira Knightley fan...lol)
3. Brideshead Revisited
4. Casanova (2005)
5. Onegin (one of my absolute favorites!)
6. Chaplin
7. Leatherheads (amazing twenties style hats)
8. A Room with a View (1985)
9. Lady Jane (1986)
10. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Hope this helps. Let me know if you picked one and let me know what you think. :)

Natalie xx

Josephine Frances said...

If you want colourful modern films with wonderful costumes I think you would really enjoy 'Mrs Henderson Presents'-totally amazing 30's and 40's costumes, 'A Good Woman' with Scarlett Johannsen, and 'A Cats Meow' with Kirsten Dunst. They are the most obvious modern options I can think of. Oh, and 'Far From Heaven' with Julianne Moore. Also, The films by Sirk Douglas are in colour and they are just lovely- 'Imitation of Life', 'Written on the Wind' 'All that Heaven allows', etc. Also, 'Funny Face' with Audrey Hepburn is a ridiculously sexist movie but it is all about her becoming a model so the outfits are completely amazing!

Josephine Frances said...

P.S, I meant to write 'Douglas Sirk"- I am a little dyslexic! ;)

Erika said...

Hallo! I just discovered you blog, it's wonderful! =)
What a great idea to list old movies, I'm gonna copy the ones listed above. I'll also add a few to the growing list:
*To kill a mockingbird -62, set during the depression. Great acting, and a story that is ever relevant.
*Designing woman -57, with Lauren Bacall as a designer, one gorgeous outfit after the other!
*Swing kids -93, set in the 30s. Some great swing dancing, music and outfits. Story: so and so.

Have fun! =)

Emily said...

I am a film history major so this list could be long.

Lured (1947) (Awesome film noir)
Laura (1944)
Fallen Angel
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
The War Bride (2001)
Rebecca (1940) (My absolute favorite movie, and a Hitchcock too)
The Long Long Trailer
Sylvia Scarlet
Blonde Venus
The Awful Truth
Bringing Up baby
My Favorite Wife
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
People Will Talk
Ball of Fire
Daisy Kenyon
Sunset Boulevard
Top Hat
Wife vs Secretary
The picture of Dorian Gray (1945)
Black Widow
The Razor's Edge
I Wake Up Screaming
Unfaithfully Yours
Duel In the Sun
The Ghost and Mrs.Muir
The Palm Beach Story
The Lady Eve
Mildred Pierce
It Happened One Night
The Notorious Bettie Page ( current one but great costumes!)
Mommie Dearest (I know its a cult film, but the costumes are really awesome!!)

Most of the ones listed are from the forties and have awesome costumes and hairstyles. Hope this helps!!!! Let me know if you need anymore!!


Emily said...

Oh! and Irene Dunne usually wears a lot of amazing hats in her films. She is in The Awful Truth and wear a couple really wonderful hats!


Rachel said...

I used to work at a video store and I was constantly renting out the classic section, so I here's some of my favorites:

It Happened One Night
Strangers on a Train
Some Like it Hot
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Wild One
The Philadelphia Story (James Stewart alone is worth the rental)

A Room With a View (1980) is good as well, and I just saw Northanger Abbey (2008) and thought it was very cute.

Elizabeth said...

I watch mostly silent films which can be an aquired taste for some, but might I recommend some of my favorites? I enjoy:
A Sailor-Made Man
Steamboat Bill Jr.
The Sheik
The Big Parade
Beyond the Rocks
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Sherlock Jr.
Show People
The Patsy
The Dragon Painter

Goodness, I could go on forever! But there's a good start at least.

Andi B. Goode said...

I don't have time to read what everyone else has recommended, so if I double up, I'm sorry.
Laura (1944)
The Killers (1946)
42nd Street
8 Femmes (set in the 1950s)
Anchors Aweigh
The Bandwagon
Annie Get Your Gun
The Big Clck
The Blue Dahlia
Bugsy Malone (set in the 1920s)
Calamity Jane
Chinatown (set in the 1930s)
Clue (set in the 1950s but it looks very 80s - very funny, though)
The Cotton Club (set in the 1930s)
Dark Passage
The Delinquents (it's an Australian film set in the 50s so I don't know if you'll be able to find it - it has Kylie Minogue in it!)
Forbidden Planet (I don't know if you're into sci-fi but this one is just gorgeous)
Funny Face
The Girl Can't Help It
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Guys and Dolls
Kiss Me Kate (a bit lack-lustre but Ann Miller's dancing is always worth seeing)
Les Diaboliques (this has a fantastic twist)
The Lost Weekend
On the Town
Strangers on a Train
This Gun for Hire
Thoroughly Modern Millie (set in the 1920s, made in the 60s)
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Rear Window
The Big Heat
In a Lonely Place
The Big Sleep
To Have and Have Not
Murder, My Sweet

Boy, I could keep going but I've gone on far too much, already. I just love movies more than anything else. I would've put the years but I have guests coming in about ten minutes and I need to get changed.

-Andi x

AlicePleasance said...

Oh, I came late...by the way the above mentioned Double Indemnity and Written in the Wind are two of my favorites. Then:

Rear Window
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 version)
Sunset Boulevard
The Blue Angel
Bringing Up Baby
Pandora's Box
The Night of The Hunter
Arsenic and Old Lace
Lolita (The Kubrick one, of course)

just to start...!

Anonymous said...

Easter parade with Judy Garland and fred astaire. They have some lovely hats and dancing. Its also quite funny ne of my favs

Casey said...

I love old movies to death! Some that I'm enjoying right now:

- Laura (all time favorite with Gene Tierney)
- Gilda
- The Divorcee
- The Women (the original , '39 version)
- Rear Window
- Notorious
- any of the Thin Man movies
- Bringing Up Baby
- The Philadelphia Story
- It Happened One Night (one of my all time favs)

I've also been watching a lot of early 30s musicals lately; the kind with the completely imaginative musical numbers. ;) Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies are always loads of fun too! Oh, and pretty much anything Alfred Hitchcock directed is alright in my book; but I'm a bit of a Hitchcock nut! ;) lol.

Ivy said...


this website has a TONNE of movies you'd love, and you can watch them online (although the site seems to be down at the moment..)


Unknown said...

'My Fair Lady' with Audrey Hepburn pretty much is all the things you listed: a musical, a comedy, and an unbelievable costume and hat parade! It's one of my favorite classics and I could watch it again and again and again and again and...

Bridget said...

I've always wanted to do a viewing of all of the nominees for best picture...I think that'd be interesting to watch.

Stage Door is also lovely.

Heather said...

"Charade" is wonderful. It has Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant! It has a little bit of comedy, drama, and suspense all wrapped up in a cute little ball.

Drisana said...

Well, being a literature nerd {lol} I adored the 1939 movie "Of Mice & Men". "Beach Party" is perhaps a bit late for your taste, I think it was from the mid 60s but it was so much fun to watch!

TCM always has the most wonderful films, sometimes I have to restrain myself from recording every single movie that shows! ;)

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

I just watched Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly in "COVERGIRL" last night! A musical with clothes to die for!! One of my favorites!


April said...

Anything with Cary Grant is worth a watch (An Affair to Remember and To Catch A Theif)!!!

From 1991 - Mobsters
From 1992 - Newsies, School Ties
From 1993 - Swing Kids
From 1995 - Circle of Friends
From 2002 - The Importance of Being Earnest

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now!

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Everyone has recommended the movies that I was thinking of, but one of the first movies that came to mind when I went to leave a comment was Charade (which someone else suggested) but the fashion is gorgeous, and it's Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, can't go wrong there!

Lena said...

Now this is right up my alley!

The Letter (1940) - Bette Davis
The Women (1939)
Easter Parade (1948) - Fred Astaire & Judy Garland
Double Indemnity (1944) - Barbara Stanwyck
The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)
Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Pygmalion (1939) - My Fair Lady is based on this
Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Of course, who could forget Gone with the Wind!

Colleen said...

Rear Window

Tamina listening said...

Hi! I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I love old movies so I have to add in my two cents. Here are some strong recs that have not yet been mentioned:

everything Robert Mitchum, specifically:
-Out of the Past
-Night of the Hunter
-Cape Fear (original one w/ gregory peck)

For style, my favorite movie growing up was Hitchcock's valentine to Grace Kelly:
-To Catch a Thief (1955)
Her outfits are incredible!

Elizabeth Taylor films are also good for that:
-Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
-A Place in the Sun

All Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire films are great for the full atmosphere, flair and costuming:
-Top hat
-Swing Time
-The Gay Divorcee

The Bogart noirs have been mentioned, but not the orson wells:
-The Third Man
-Touch of Evil
-Citizen Kane

This one's been mentioned, but I must reinforce:
-The Divorcee starring Norma Shearer. Incredible pre-code film with feminist overtones

Also worth mentioning:
-Morocco, starring Marlene Dietrich
-M, starring Peter Lorre
-The Misfits
-From Here to Eternity

and a new movie worth watching for the wardrobes and setting:
-Robert Altman's Gosford Park

I'm sure there are more, but I'm drawing a blank...

Cheyne said...

The wild one with Marlon Brando

A said...

There are tones I could mention, but my absolute favs include:
The Thin Man films with Myrna Loy and William Powell
Mildred Pierce
Sunset Boulevard
The Women
Gilda (on TCM tonight at 8 PM Eastern)
and for costumes, Dinner at Eight

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Some of my favorites: A Streetcar Named Desire, Rear Window, Lady and the Tramp, Big Fish (new but beautiful), Sabrina

Maria Confer said...

The Thin Man Series

The Philadelphia Story


whichgoose said...

"Meet Me in St. Louis" --- My favorite EVER! :)

Stella Polaris said...

Marlene Dietrich's movies! Even when the plot's not so good it's always grat eye candy. I'd recommand The Blue Angel (of course), Shanghai Express (faaabulous clothes), Morocco, The Scarlet Empress ou The Devil is a Woman.

For modern movies, I second Miss Pettigrew and Mrs Henderson Presents. There's also Black Book, Head in the Clouds, 8 Women (it's a French murder mystery with an all women cast and singing parts, I love it)...

Pernilla said...

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is the most delicate and beautiful movie you will ever see! It is also the craziest musical known to man. But the wallpapers, the dresses, the hairstyles... Just delightful!

Unknown said...

Get Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. You'll love Grace's style.

SoulPony said...

I just blogged about this movie http://lifeamundo.blogspot.com/2009/07/what-way-to-go.html and it's on instant watch if you have a netflix account. you will love it.

Lisa said...

My Best Girl with Mary Pickford! It's silent. It's amazing.

The Wild One like everyone else has said. And Rebel Without a Cause.

Bonnie and Clyde (1967 but set the the early 30s, obviously)

Mlle G to you... said...

Wow this is hard. I tried going through what people have put but it made my eyes tired!

Some of my favorites (yes I LOVE Hitchcock and Marilyn):

Rear Window
North by Northwest
The Birds
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
How to Marry a Millionaire
The Seven Year Itch
The Misfits
Rebel without a cause
Mata Hari

Some new ones with great style:
Cry Baby
The Notebook
The Shadow
Dick Tracey
Ed Wood

Meg said...

There are already sooo many good films suggested by other readers that I will just add that if you get Turner Classic Movies, they are running a really great series called "Summer under the Stars" where they pick a brilliant classic film star and play their best movies all day. You can see who they are featuring each day at tcm.com

Bette Davis has a really excellent, really dark film called "Marked Woman" -- it's one of my favorite Davis performances *ever*. In fact, the film was so gritty that it did badly with movie-goers at the time. It co-stars Bogart. I love that Bette Davis was never afraid to play risky parts or look unattractive on film if it made the character that much more real.

The other film I'd recommend is another underrated B-classic called "Detour" -- pretty much the perfect film noir piece.


* elizabeth * said...

Singin in the Rain, of course, with the GORGEOUS Gene Kelly.,
And White Heat or Public Enemy, with the also pretty good looking James Cagney. Ooh and Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Oh and while we're on Hot old stars, Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant. so funny.

Rochelle said...

- How to marry a millionaire (the costumes are to die for)
- Gold Diggers of 1933
- Ziegfeld Girl
(Notice the showgirl theme here...)

I also personally love pre-code era movies from the 30's, like 'Red Headed Woman' or 'Baby Face'. TCM has some great DVD collections of these

I saw someone already recommended 'Cover Girl' but I just recently saw it and it really is amazing...definitely one of my all-time favorites.

~Jolene'sMemoryKeeping said...

ok some that I didn't see mentioned, if we are talking hats we have to mention HELLO DOLLY.(Ms Meloy's hat shop)

I love State Fair, All the Shirley Temple Movies( The bluebird of prosperity is my favorite). Huge Judy Garland fan as well so I second the Meet me in Saint Louis.
Any technicolor musical,like Gypsey or Mame...

Rosa said...

oooo all the ones listed especially 8 femmes and also Attonement snf the Land Girls! ooo and bugsy malone hehe. If u have satellite look for the movie channel TCM! Its a tresure trove! Hitchcock marrathons! xx

quietandsmalladventures said...

ok a TON of people mentioned rear window already, it's one of my faves...
to catch a thief (grace kelly)
arsenic and old lace
breakfast at tiffany's (but you've probably seen it already)
whatever happened to baby jane (joan crawford AND bette davis!)
gypsy rose (natalie wood)
jezebel (bette davis)

HanM said...

Definitely need to see some Bogey (Humphrey Bogart) movies!
"The Big Sleep"- classic suspense, mystery, and detective work!

"Dark Passage"- criminals hiding out, going undercover and falling in love with the ever-gorgeous Lauren Bacall.

Carey Grant:
"Suspicion"- the title says it all
"Charade"- with Audrey Hepburn! Another classic of suspense and mystery

If you ever need good book suggestions for mystery and detective work from the 30s-40s...Raymond Chandler is your man!

S.L.North said...

Hi there,
Here are some of my favorites that I've watched with my sisters:

*"The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer"
(1947/Cary Grant, Myrna Loy)

*"Meet me in St Louis" (1944/Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brian)

*"My favorite wife" (1940/Irene Dunne, Cary Grant)

*"Father of the Bride" (1950--I love the clothes on this film--/Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy)

*"To catch a Thief" (1955--this is another one with cool clothes/Grace Kelly, Cary Grant [I seem to have a weird C.Grant theme running here])

*"Sabrina" (1954--more cool clothes--/William Holden, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart)

*"Mr Smith goes to Washington" (1939/Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur)

*"Harvey" (1950/James Stewart, Josephine Hull, Peggy Dow)

*"National Velvet" (1944/Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Angela Lansbury)

*"North by Northwest" (1959/Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason)

I could think of more, but I'll let you be with this list,
I hope you find something cool to watch. :):):)

Anonymous said...

I didn't read everyones suggestions so forgive me if this was already said but I think you'd go absolutely mental over 8 Women. It's a french musical/mystery/comedy that's set in the 1950's.


Charlotte said...

On the Town (1949) has always been one of my favorite movies. It's got Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (be still, my heart) as well as Jules Munshin (a pretty funny guy) as three sailors who are on leave in New York for 24 hours. They pick up some dames (Betty Garrett, Ann Miller, and Vera Ellen, all of whom have FABULOUS costumes, particularly Ann) and have all sorts of musical misadventures. I just love it beyond all reason, it's definitely worth watching.

Claire said...

Firstly, I'm fourthing It Happened One Night.

She Done Him Wrong (sort of a musical; includes a lot of singing!)
Fiddler on the Roof

Hayley Mills movies, particularly:
That Darn Cat
Whistle Down The Wind
The Trouble With Angels

If you like technicolour-gothic or monster-based horror: (mostly available on archive.org)
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
King of the Zombies
(Anything Dracula featuring Cushing and Lee.. basically any Hammer Horror or Universal Horror. I love'em all!)

Chinese-language (you don't need subtitles, it's perfectly acted): Malu Tianshi (also on archive.org, possibly under translated title "street angel")

Silent: (archive.org..)
Blood and Sand
Mud and Sand (spoof of the above)
Tillie's Punctured Romance
The Birth of a Nation

Modern movies that include great costumes but are modern (and sometimes not that good objectively but I like them):
The Shadow
The Phantom
The Mummy (Brendan Fraser version), The Mummy Returns

If you like giant monsters rampaging, anything pre-seventies Kaiju from Toho, e.g:
Space Amoeba
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
And Matango's very good and actually scary, I'm told.

Claire said...

Plus if you're at all interested in tv series (that come in box sets), definitely check out Quantum Leap. A lot of episodes are set in the fifties and sixties (and early seventies in areas where styles change slowly) plus one episode in the mid-fourties, and the two people on wardrobe were FANTASTIC. I can recommend specific episodes if you're curious!

The Green Hornet's also worth a watch; sixties fashion alongside a crime-fighting duo (half of which is Brucel Lee). You can get six episodes (very badly) edited into two feature-length movies (after Mr Lee passed away) that have had a dvd release, or search out the whole series of individual adventures.

Claire said...

(..And of course Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music!)

Dandy said...

I'm watching Meet Me in St. Louis right now (Judy Garland) 1944

Others I own:
My Fair Lady 1964 Audrey Hepburn
Singin' in the Rain 1951 Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds
Top Hat, 1935 Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers

MissRedLips said...

i'm a huge lucille ball fan so i will recommend "The Long, Long Trailer."

looks like from all the comments you will have a lot of movies to watch for a longgg time! :-)

have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

All my favourites have already been listed.

I am a sucker for anything Bacall & Bogart, can't resist Bringing Up Baby and Singing in the Rain whenever they're on and am currently watching my way through some of Mr. Hitchcock's offerings.

Does anybody remember a film involving a couple who die in a car crash and then go around haunting people (not Blithe Spirit or Beetlejuice)?

Natalia Romashko said...

I think you should watch Fantozzi!:)it's an italian comedy from nearly 1970.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Do you like musicals? Oklahoma, State Fair, South Pacific, Meet Me in St. Louis, My Fair Lady and the King and I are some of my favs!

annie said...

Thoroughly Modern Millie is one of my favorites...Auntie Mame, Mad Men (TV), Some Like it Hot are also brilliant!

Classic Movie Cat said...

I am a huge classic movie buff, so I'll list you some of my favorites that fall into your favorites!

The Thin Man (an entire series... starring William Powell and Myrna Loy) (1930s)
Double Indemnity
The Lady Eve
The Awful Truth
Bringing Up Baby
The Philadelphia Story
Funny Face
Two For The Road
How To Steal A Million
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
Rear Window
Meet Me In St. Louis
Singin' In The Rain
You Can't Take It With You
It Happened One Night
To Catch A Thief
North By Norhwest

A bunch of movies listed on my page are mostly pre 1970s. So tell me if you chose any of those recommended!

S.Elisabeth said...

-Gone With the Wind is classic
-Wuthering Heights (with Laurence Olivier)
-Any of the beach movies like Gidget (i LOVE that movie) or with Frankie Avalon, etc.
-Any Audrey Hepburn movie

PS for time period movies that are costume-amazing: Atonement, Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day (amazingly adorbale and fashionably inspiring!)

Rhiannon said...

These are probably all repeats!


It Happened One Night
Sunset Boulevard
The Third Man
Sullivan's Travels
Golddiggers of 1933
The Lady Eve
The Women
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Marie said...

I will just recommend you 2 European Movies as I noticed a lot of US movies :

* Mrs Henderson Presents (GB-2006)
* Zwartboek (Holland - 2006)

Both stands during World War II.
Yesterday, while I was looking at your blog for the first time, I thought about the second movie !!! The french tittle was "Black Book".

Anonymous said...

i am a new to your blog , but ever since my friend found it i have been hooked on reading what an interesting life you lead!!

theses are some my favourite films:
(Apologies if theses are repeats)

-Breakfast at tiffanys - audrey hepburn
-An affair to remember - cary grant
-how to steal a million
-my fair lady( i no they are mostly audreys films but you have got to love her!!)
-calamity jane
-covergirl - rita hayworth
-pillow talk - doris day
-follow the fleet - fred and ginger

but there are lots lots more!!!!

p.s i am still in shock at how lovely your wedding gown was and at the place and price to got it at !!!!!:)
keep up the good blog;)

love becky x

Unknown said...

Bonnie and Clyde. Gangsters in the 30s, with a 60s costume twist.

Sarah said...

Everyone else's comments have added much to my own Movies To Watch list.

I love, love, love Hitchcock films. His early stuff like The Lodger, a silent film, and The 39 Steps.

Other people have already sung the praises of Cary Grant, so let me add to it and say that Holiday (1938) also boasts Katherine Hepburn and has wonderful clothes. The Awful Truth is another delightful Grant-led comedy.

Happy viewing!

Kiyume said...

I know that many of these movies will have already been posted, but I just found this blog in the past few days and I'm cursing myself for not getting here sooner! I love these old movies:

Imitation of Life (the later version is a little lighter, but both are good)
The Little Foxes with Bette Davis
It's A Wonderful Life (I'm surprised that one isn't on here)
Ziegfield Girls
Golddiggers of 1933 (if you love singing and dancing, watch those two)
On the Town (it has Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, very hard to go wrong there)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes & also How to Marry a Millionaire
Some Like it Hot
The Misfits
Gone With the Wind, of course.
Wings (this is with Clara Bow, skip it if you don't like 30's films)
Wait Until Dark
The Nun's Story
The Children's Hour (the past four are Audrey Hepburn movies, she's really a great dramatic actress as well as a comedic/romantic one).
Roman Holiday
My Fair Lady
The Women
Meet Me in St. Louis
To Catch a Thief and Dial M for Murder, great Grace Kelly movies.
Gypsy Rose
Gigi (love love love that one)
The Shiek (good silent film with the ever handsome Rudy Valentino)
The Landlord (made in 1970, but really an awesome movie and has a young, cute Beau Bridges)
Masterpiece Mystery's Agatha Christie mystery adaptations are great, they stay true to the original books, and the period costumes are exceptional! Actually, for a modern period movie, you can't go wrong with any Masterpiece Theatre movie.

Thanks to everyone for giving me ideas for new movies to put in my Blockbuster Online queue!

Unknown said...

Daisy Kenyon
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (the older version)
A Letter to Three Wives
Anything with Miss Marple
Anything with Esther Williams
Forever, Darling-GREAT costumes!