Cupcakes and Fashion

Instead of posting yesterday Sam and I watched Wall-E, which is almost too cute to handle. Really, I almost had to turn it off from all the cuteness. My birthday started off with breakfast in Portland with my brother Josh at the Vita Cafe, he's vegan and had trouble choosing from all the vegan choices the cafe specializes in. I on the other hand had trouble not devouring the perfectly crispy bacon, which can only be matched by homemade, and The Original hotcake house bacon. I'm all about the bacon and the vintage, my two areas of expertise. Ok, not expertise, but I know how to appreciate it :)
Josh gave me The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior himself all wrapped up in a cool map. His little snippets are very informative, and not snobby at all, which always seems to be the way most designers are. He takes care to say in different ways that every woman is different and should dress according to her taste and most flattering fit, not trends. He also considers that not every fashionable woman is wealthy, and often advises for buying to best stretch a tight budget. I never really knew anything about the man other than he died too soon, and would really like to know more, if anyone has a biography recommendation on Christian Dior I'd love to know.
Today at work my Aunt stopped in and brought me a yummy-yummy cupcake from Saint Cupcake in Portland, with charming little sprinkles on scrumptious pink frosting.
And here are my new glasses, with little stars :) I should have worn them today with my old lady outfit. Although I don't like my hair straight, I feel like I have to keep smoothing it out. When I rag curl it, the more fluff the better.


the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

OH, I saw that the C.Dior
dictionary of fashion &
thought about buying it.
It's so cute & antiquey
looking. I love vegan food
even though I could NEVER
be vegan. . .I probably
would have bought a vegan
tray along with a side of bacon.
Hope you had a wonderful bday!

BombshellShocked said...

Cute outfit and darling glasses!

Anonymous said...

You have quite a talent for mixing colors! It's impressive!

bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

Very lovely outfit!

So---I have a question. I love wearing vintage, but it is sometimes very hard for me to rationalize buying fun vintage pieces that I rarely have occasion to wear (given my normal work environment, which is a scientific lab). Do you think you could do a feature with ways to integrate fun thrift store finds into outfits that are appropriate for less-flexible workplaces? I want my closet to reflect the things I wear every day, and right now, it's very one-sided...I 30% have things I wear only to work (six days a week) and 70% are special-occasion/ not lab appropriate. I want to have the great majority of my clothing (barring formal gowns and such) able to be worn in my everyday wardrobe. Any ideas?

Solanah said...

Hi there Bridget :)

Thats a terrific idea, I think that is a problem many people have, is how to wear something to a workplace, which so much time is spent in, without breaking any rules. And lets face it, what magazines feature for work is pretty boring. I'd really like to do a post, or maybe a few on how to wear vintage and when. There are lots of ways to integrate pieces into a wardrobe without looking like a costume, like I usually do when I go to work. But yes, I will be giving that some thought :)

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit as always.
I've tagged you, see my latest post!

bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

Thanks so much - I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Also - another book on fashion is Hadley Freeman's "The Meaning of Sunglasses" - she's probably much snarkier than Dior, but she's also got a very observant head on her shoulders.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! :) I always love reading those old fashion advice type books; they're always chock full of interesting ideas and fun little things! :)

You look so pretty, btw! Those glasses are the cat's pajamas! ;)

Abby♥ said...

Oooh ahhh i really like your outfit... so cute!

Claire said...

Christian Dior wrote his own autobiography, Dior by Dior, which was published by Penguin in the late 50s... I got mine from a charity/thrift shop though so have no idea if it's still in print!

Sparkleneely said...

Yes, I concur with Dior by Dior... but there are two other beauties that are must haves for a vintage vixen. One is "Dior in Vogue," and the other is "The New Look" by Nigel Cawthorne. Enjoy!