Sunny morning.

This morning was sunny and bright, but now I can see the rain pouring down in the Portland hills and the weather is back to normal and gray. I'm still a bit icky feeling, but going to work anyway, hopefully it will be a slow day. I had time to write to Ella last night and this morning, something I've been looking forward to all this busy week. I have some fabulous vintage stationary I got at an estate sale years ago, a box marked "Garbage" was just filled with old hotel stationary and things. I'm glad no one threw it out, they are really pretty.

A pile of ironing waiting to be pressed. honestly there are mostly spring things, so not much motivation to iron until it gets warmer.

I found some linens the other day under a shelf, and just now got to look through them. I love the idea of a woman years ago taking the time and effort to hand crochet the edges of a plain handkerchief just because it looks pretty. That's not really done anymore.


DejaBlonde Vintage said...

Ah Portland rain...beautiful city! Thanks for the pics of the scarves with hand crocheted edges, they are beautiful!

GPROA said...

That pink lace is just lovely. I've become so keen on handkerchieves recently, but I can't bring myself to use the pretty ones in the way they're meant! Round the neck and round the head, that's a good show.

Kim Caro said...

oh how i miss the sweet finds of antiqueness. hope your day is sunny

Josephine Frances said...

I know what you mean about the handkerchief- it's little things like that that make vintage items so special! I guess people just don't have the time anymore to sit down on fussy little projects like that, it's all about buying a cheap version that will wear out instead of making a special item that will last!