Spring in Portland

Yesterday I headed to Portland with my friends Ellery and Ian, first stop Saturday market. There's a booth there with all sorts of things made form silverware: Rings, bracelets, candle holders, headdresses, and masks. As you can see Ian found a lovely mask.

Of course we went to Powells and Buffalo Exchange, and Ellery found me an amazing vintage sailor dress for only $7.00. They are so weird with their pricing. Also this super cute hat, more fall than spring, but who cares. The three of us try and go to the photobooth in The Ace Hotel whenever we're near, and stuffing into that little booth is quite a sight. I'm so glad they have it though, it looks vintage, but actually works, unlike the one that used to be at The Red Light. We always get caught off guard with the first photo, there's no warning!

Later in the afternoon we met up with friends Anna, Sarah, and Caitlin, and got some food to make for dinner. Someone wanted to try out cumquats, and since none of us had tasted any before, we got some and were excited to eat the peel of something that looked like a little orange. They were soooooo much more sour than we expected. Yet I still ate them, hoping for a sweeter one each time. Ellery found some glitter make-up at Whole Foods, and of course tried out every color. She's like a fairy. I also insisted we stop in Anthropologie, does anyone else think the Portland Anthropologie smells so good it makes you want to buy things? Anyway, I just looked though the home section for inspiration, and snatched a catalogue, there was an adorable little birdie drawer pull I loved, so cute!

*I started a hat blog for those who are interested, I call it The bird hat. After Bird hat of course ;) *


Unknown said...

It looks like you had fun! Love the photobooth pics!

Josephine Frances said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Rochelle said...

I absolutely love your glasses, those are too cute!

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

I love those tights! Super cute!! :)