Boy scout girl.

I took this shirt from Sams closet when he moved, it was hidden in the back and I just love it. It seems I have an attraction to uniforms, as this week I wore the jumpsuit, today I wore his shirt and my red band jacket, and my sailor jacket is one of my favorites. Maybe I like them because I was never required to wear one :)
Yesterday Sam and I were watching I dream of Jeannie, and she was wearing a NASA uniform that was so cute and 60s. A blue collared blouse and high waisted wiggle skirt, but despite its simplicity it was so adorable. Sam has a love for uniforms as well, just the other week he got a great 60s fitted military jacket, and in the winter he'll wear his old European military coat. And of course the peacoat, timeless style.
I got so many comments on my outfit today, a lot from mothers who have or have had sons in boy scouts. The hat I picked up when I got to work, an old boy scout hat, really nice and lined in iridescent silk. I doubt they give boys hats like that anymore. I also got a surprising amount of comments on my hair, I have it like this nearly every day, but I guess the hat was a bit different than usual.
Speaking of hats, I got my new bird hat in the mail today! Its more amazing than it was described or photographed, looks never worn even. Not only is the colorful bird form on the hat amazing, but the actual structure of the hat is very pretty and unusual. I'm going to wear it tomorrow at the Antique show (!), I just don't know what to wear with it. Maybe my blue suit, or I have a great 40s dress to consider as well. We'll see!


Twila Jean said...

i am so scared I am going to go BROKE tomorrow. hahaha

Solanah said...

I totally will be.

Heidi Ann said...

You come up with the greatest outfits! I love your originality and individuality!

Anonymous said...

You look really cute! It's actually a cub scout shirt :P And they give them baseball style hats now of course not nice ones like you have