It felt like spring today, so nice to not have to wear a coat out. Of course it will not last here in the NorthWest. Here is a little snapshot of the fireplace in the duplex Sam and I are getting. The place is darling. I'll still be living at home until the wedding, but it will be wonderful to have Sam so close in town, and I'll get an entire finished basement all for Etsy! How lovely :) So my shop is rapidly growing due to so much more space than an industrial shelf between my bed and vanity.

Meanwhile my arms are soar from digging through the bins, and my legs are soar from jumping up and down for that petticoat shot. I am just so in shape.

I found a bunch of household items for our new place yesterday at the bins, from a tea tin to an ironing board, and even a red cashmere cardigan for myself. I even pulled out my collection of Anthropologie catalogs, and took some home decorating inspiration from the fabulous spreads. The wardrobe and set stylists are so creative, always have a vintage flair.


bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

oh duplexes :)

I'm having house envy right now, as I live in a bedroom that is, oh, big enough for a bed and a desk, and that's about it. I wish I had a place to decorate!

As such, I expect to live vicariously through all of the pictures you take of what you end up doing!

Anonymous said...

Isn't decorating a new place so much fun?! I did the same thing with the Anthropologie catalogs before my husband and I got married (I lived at home too until the Big Day). It's been just too much fun slowly integrating our things and creating a home. :) I'm sure you'll have a blast!!!

That petticoat is really calling my name... lol. But alas, I don't need another poufy one (just need a less-full lace petticoat; my favorite one is falling apart. *sob*). Tempting though. lol!

Kitten loves vintage said...

Oh, how exiting! My boyfriend and me are moving to our first place together next week, so I'm very into decorating and such at the moment also...
I didn't know you were getting married (only just started following your blog) When is the big day? :)

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm not alone.. someone else who saves all of their anthropologie catalogs :)
Can't wait to see how you end up decorating the new place!

BombshellShocked said...

That fireplace is fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Solanah said...

Yeah Casy, I'm with you on the petticoat thing, I have a bunch of big ones, but need some pretty little ones for less full skirts.

The date is set for July 18th!

Yes, I have a big stack of them :) I need to get back on the mailing list though, I guess they figured I wasnt actually buying anything so stopped sending them ;)

Twila Jean said...

I wondered what the inside of the place looked like, I reccomended it to a friend of mine, but then sam said you guys got it.
lucky! Its TERRIBLE cute.
and YAY basement! that is awesome!!!

LissyLou said...

Theres an award for you on my blog. x