First snow

There's something so fresh about wearing a soft cotton dress in the middle of winter. I'm getting a bit tired of winter clothes and decided to wear a 40s summer wrap dress my aunt gave me. It's just so pretty I couldn't wait to wear it. And after watching The Edge of Love a while ago the image of Keira Knightley in a light 40s dress and heavy rubber boots stuck in my mind. It inspired me to actually buy a pair of rainboots, something practical in the rainy part of the country.

On my way to work I met Twila Jean and her kiddies for a sled ride down the sidewalk. They are so cute, and didn't care at all that most of the snow had melted into sludge :)

Dress-Gift from aunt

Cashmere socks-Gift from mom

Boots-Millie B. Vintage


Anonymous said...

You have such lovely eyebrows! :)

Treacle said...

I'm so envious...was really hoping for snow here in Seattle! And I love that spring dress; it makes me wish for happier weather.

N said...

That's so wonderful! I think it's too cold for me to where a summer dress right now. You're definitely brave...haha...And your wellies are so cute! I love the tweed on them!

Natalie xx
(aka The Wandering Writer)

Bombshell Bettie said...

We hardly had any snow you got 3xs what we did! But I'm sad its at that slushy state for you already :( oh poo. Well I'm sure there is more where that came from. <3 the wellies

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

You are so ridiculously adorable. *laughs* That first photo! ^_^

Q's Daydream said...

oh my goodness! this is one of my favorite posts of yours! You look so sweet. I wish I could be there to spend time with you ladies and kiddies! I also love your hair. Have you done a post on how you do it? I can't remember and I need to do my hair like that.

Happy New Year!

Oh, your outfit also reminds me lots of this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Dz4ldCnk7DI/SxW3Qd9mS3I/AAAAAAAADsA/vX8ALPhwC2Y/s1600/lyingdown.jpg

Q's Daydream said...

the first link didn't work. it's the second pic :o)


Greetz from Tiz said...

You have snow there and we, here in Italy, 22 degrees!!So strange for this season!!
I wish you a happy newyear!
See you next year!Greetz, x

Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

Cute! I love the mix!

I hate to admit that I have been forced to wear my snow boots with my cute dresses. I only wish that I could find a cuter pair!


Cindi said...

Love the boots, love the photography, and you should be a model. You're gorgeous! Going to check out the Keira Knightly movie very soon.

Twila Jean said...

awe its us!, only minus the like husband sharing and really bad parenting tactics... lol.

what a fun snow day.

Penny said...

i absolutely adore that first picture!! so fun!

Sorella said...

When did you change the layout of your blog, just recently? I'm envious that you have snow :(.

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Stefanie Valentine said...

You are too cute! That summer dress is gorgeous! x

Coco said...

So pretty! Your pink dress is lovely with the contrasting white snow!

Have a Happy New Years and New Years Eve,

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

Solanah said...

Q's Daydream, I loooooove those pictures, thanks for reminding me of them!
And I haven't shown how to do pin curls, but Strawberry Koi did a great tutorial: http://strawberrykoi.blogspot.com/2009/03/vintage-hair-pin-curls-for-beginner.html

I do mine is three layers, alternating directions of the curl so it makes I kind of wave.

Twila, I was so hoping it would be us until I actually watched it. Lets just pretend they're not awful ;)

Solanah said...

Sorella, I just changed it around Christmas, I'm liking it better :)

Angel said...

Happy New Year!

I love that dress and that photo of you is beautiful!

COCAMIA said...

Your such a pretty girl!!! It's snowing here right now in Toronto and I love it!!! Happy New Year...xo

What we four say said...

It was so much fun to see the snow while I was there. Your little outfit is darling. I tried to come by the shop yesterday but it was closed. I'm so bummed that I missed out this time around. I wanted to find a neat little hat to wear on NYE. I did get to go to some cool vintage shops in Portland, if you haven't been yet you should check out Rad Summer, I found a amazing coat and dress there.