Alright, a few things to catch up on (Besides filling up my shop).

Market Publique is the a brand new site for fabulous women's vintage clothing. Like Etsy there are multiple sellers and low listing fees, and like ebay items can be bought at a set price, or bid on. Unlike either of those sellers must apply to take part in it, and I was really excited when Pamela invited me to become a seller and get a special sneak peek before the site launched. I love the setup, one thing that frustrates me about Etsy is the teeny tiny thumbnails they use, and Market Publique has big, clear and eye catching ones. Also its only for vintage, so nothing else gets thrown in the mix. I have a few items on there now, hopefully more soon, you can check them out here. Oh and they allow 15 pictures! I'll need to take more photos :)

Last week Modepass used a photo of me in Flair magazine, on an article about wedding day makeup. The photo was taken by Lisa of Light and Shadow Photography and was part of the princess photo shoot over the summer.

Last but not least, Bridget had the fabulous idea of doing a post on how to incorporate vintage into the workplace. I'd love to do this but need some feedback on what restrictions your office or place of work has, whether it be a dress code or just certain obstacles for clothing (I used to work at a pre-school, and learned that if you wear a petticoat your skirt will be lifted all day).



Anonymous said...

This may sound silly, but I'd love to have ideas on how to incorporate vintage into the workplace when you work from home. I get very lazy and start falling into the pajama routine, and I'd love tips on how to dress it up a little.

And now I'm going to go look at that new vintage site!

Solanah said...

Great idea! I can for sure help with that since I work a lot from home too. The ideas are a-flowing!

Thanks :)

bridgetwhoplaysfrenchhorn said...

Different scientific labs have different rules, but here are some that you'd have to work around; most of them are for safety purposes:

-no poufy things (could be a fire hazard or hard to work with)

-avoid synthetic fabrics (flammable)

-keep arms/legs covered (if you wear a skirt, it should be long, or if it's short you should wear boots)

-avoid copious amounts of hairspray

-no heels (it is a falling hazard if you're carrying dangerous chemicals/samples, and it's also just really annoying to hear the clicking all day on a linoleum floor)

-movement cannot be restricted (as in, many of the 40's blazers I try on and LOVE I can't really move my shoulders/arms very well, even in sizes that are larger than I am)

Does that help? You can really wear "whatever you want" -- as long as it fits into the safety-based restrictions. Again, I look forward to what you come up with!