How to decorate a hatpin


In the 1940s it was popular for a felt hat to have a matching hatpin. There's an example of one here. You may see these items separate now, or if you're lucky they might still be together! It was also a good little project to use leftover felt scraps, and some women would make whimsical little felt covered pins in order to brighten up an old hat. They can be functional or decorative, or both! So here's a couple little ideas for your own felt covered hatpins! 


{You will need}

Felt (I like wool felt for the dusty colors, but synthetic works just as well)

Plain headed hatpins. 


Thread or embroidery floss

Scissors or X-acto knife


Be whimsical, creative, ridiculous! I think I'll make a kitty pin next. Or an anchor one for nautical outfits. You could even do a hatpin and matching brooch for extra coordination! 

 {Also see How to Wear a Hatpin and History of Hatpins}


needle and nest said...

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Solanah! I couldn't resist pinning it: http://pinterest.com/pin/151574343678521851/

Unknown said...

Thank you for this wonderful hat and hatpin series! I'm just loving every bit of it!

Looms+Loops said...

Great tutorial! They look so cute...

Charlotte said...

fun ideas!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

Michelle Marie said...

Im just starting to finally get into hats. Been put off for the longest time due to my giant head (lol), but now Im starting to build a collection. What a fabulous way to add some variety and sparkle to them :) Thanks for sharing the idea!

Amanda M. said...

Solanah, I think you would love Princess Lasertron. She makes felt-and-button flower bouquets and brooches and such. They're absolutely adorable and whimsical. I haven't checked out her blog in a while, but I think she was starting up her own line of dresses as well.

Anyway, your hatpins made me think of her work, it's very similar. ^_^

Sabrina said...

These are lovely! Great idea.

Jen (pieKnits) said...

Loving this series! I'm lucky enough to have a few vintage hat pins and this is exactly the in depth info I was curious about for using them with all my hats. Love this idea of decorating them too!

Sophie said...

Greaaat ideaaa!!! I always wanted a gray felt hat with a matching flower pin (ever since one of the characters in a Nancy Drew novel I read had it!)
Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Anielskaaniela said...

gorgeous and a fantastic idea :)