Trenches, fortunes, and chrome martini glasses.


Sam's birthday is this week, and chances are he'll be working so my mom and step-dad took us out for dinner at P.F. Changs, and a little shopping on the side. I wore my trench coat, and think I may have figured out what the little tab does at the neck. Scarf loop? Anyone know for sure? I even looked at a trechcoat book at Powells and found absolutely nothing on the detail.


I did find what I think may be the best book ever. Seriously. 

It's called "Clothes with Character", and this particular copy is from 1941. It has everything. A perfect balance of text and illustration, on clothing, textiles, styles, flattering tips, budgeting, history, care of. I could go on. And soon, a post will blossom from this amazing book. Or like, fifty. 

Oh and I got a book from 1954 on the fur industry. Really interesting, and has some invaluable information on identifying furs of the era. 

And we finally got some Martini "glasses". They're stainless steel, but I'm gonna go ahead and call them chrome, that sounds prettier. 

They make me feel like Bruce Wayne. Or Chuck Bass. Or...some sort of awesome 30s temptress in a Poirot story. 

Yeah, I'll go with that.

OH. And I started a Vintage Ryan Gosling Tumblr. Because I think those thinks are hilarious and for some reason there was every niche of "Hey Girl"s but vintage covered. But don't worry, I fixed that. So go submit something. Or just go giggle. 

Burberry trench-Brown Bag Vintage 

 Cap, boots, and gloves-Urban Eccentric Vintage 

 Purse-Michael Kors


Betty2Tone said...

It's so funny that you mentioned "Hey Girl" AND Chuck Bass in the same post because my mom made me this https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/418488_2672844071311_1562447820_32352385_272437356_n.jpg

Solanah said...

Haha! That's a good one :)

Yoshi said...

The books look great! To find out what your trench coat loop thingy is, you could ask on the Vintage Clothing and Accessories board on ebay. There's quite a few knowledgeable vintage sellers there! Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful bag, and hard color to find. The trench is very wellfitted sometimes I have issues with them because ofthefit. You wore it well!

Alice said...

THAT'S YOUR TUMBLR?! It's one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Thank you X 100000000

Alice xx
wishiwereaudrey xoxo

Chronicles of a sweet tooth said...

OMG that tumblr is so great! SOOOO great! Thanks for providing it!

marmarvintage said...

Ryan Gosling was filming by my house a few weeks ago for his upcoming movie Gangster Squad.
I bet that your tumblr would loves these movie stills;)


Annalise said...

Okay number one: that trench coat is amazing! Two: that tumblr is amazing! Three: That book sounds amazing and I would love to see it.

In The Heyday said...

I think that loopy bit works so well as a scarf loop that it is hard to imagine it being for anything else.
Love the chrome glasses too

alittlevintagestory said...

I am super excited about your amoazing new book, it sounds lovely. Seeing that little sneak peek I may have even danced a little jig, can't wait for the upcoming post/s :-) Fran

Bell's Belles Vintage said...

Love the tumbler so so funny...

Casey Maura said...

Love your trench!!! :D And those martini glasses are amazing. Like I'd gladly chuck my glass ones for those any day. ;) So much for fun for cocktails!

Unknown said...

Love, love, love it!

Sabrina said...

I love that trench! They never look good on me, so I'm always impressed by girls who look smashing in them. :)

Kim said...

That tumbler just made my week ! thankyou SO much for making it !!! xx