Found this couch at the bins with matching love seat. Coolest couch since that embroidered one Anthropologie had a few years back.


deadherozine said...

Couch? Don't you mean Ouch?
Ha ha. get it? Only cuz I'm your brother.
seriously, I like the colors, but those columns holding up the arms?.?.?

Solanah said...

The columns totally make it. As did the $6.00 yard sale sticker still on it.

T.Allen said...

The columns did it for me too-I think they're fab!

Kim Caro said...

i used to have a velvet green couch and matching rocking chairs...but i wanted to normal bedroom again so i gave them away.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!!
My couch has a damask print too.

Your blog is lovely. Im adding it to my rss feed.