Sgt. Pepper.

An ensemble fit for thrifting. I got some great items I'll be listing all week. A few cute sweaters, skirts, some dresses and fabric. Ya'know, the usual ;)

Band jacket-Antique mall
Skirt, purse, and shoes-Discovery shop
Cardigan-Buffalo Exchange
Tights-T.J. Maxx


Tina said...

I wish I had the guts to where something so refreshingly unique! I'm always afraid I'll look silly, but then I see other people taking fashion risks and it always pays off. I need to grow a pair.

SusiePrue said...

oh my gosh, i'm in love love with that jacket!!! so gorgeous. you look adorable.
i'm so glad i'm not the only one who gets dressed up for thrifting. it's so much more fun when you can make an entrance at the goodwill. i just need to figure out how to make my rubber gloves for the bins look more fashionable... suggestions, oh stylish one?

Solanah said...

Oh Tina, you should build up to something bold, baby steps to style confidence ;)

Susie, I know! I was considering selling it, but then I put it on and decided I was crazy for even thinking it.
Hehe, no you are not the only one.
I've seen some fun rubber gloves with feathers or bows glued on the cuffs. Or you could even just add some fabric cuffs :) I can't wear gloves at the bins, I know, gross, but I have to feel things to determine if they are worthwhile. I'm that way with gardening too, though I haven't done that in years.

SusiePrue said...

i used to giggle about the gloves until one day at the portland bins a dried kitty poo fell off a sweater i was picking up! i have never seen anything at all that bad since, but the experience traumatized me.

i'm gonna paint vintage tattoo hearts and anchors on a black pair i just picked up. then they'll match my rubber boots! not that i have to wear THOSE at the bins, but if i DID...

Solanah said...

ugh thats so gross.

That sounds adorable. You'll have to take pictures.