Wish list

A far fetched wish list.

Reproduction 1920s shoes from Re-Mix. Soooooo cute.

Cashmere silk tights from Walford. As if Cahmere wasn't enough, they added silk for that added "I'm never taking these off" feel.

A skirt from necessityisthemother.

Some cashmere slippers from J.Crew


Kim Caro said...

i give everything an a+

Anonymous said...

Love the remix shoes, as I own a pair. Good swingin' shoes! But.... on my budget now, well, they're out of my league. Still a gal can dream eh?

Good picks! Hope at least one shows up under your tree!

The Proletariat said...

The remix shoe is awesome! Have you heard of Cydwoq's? They do vintage style leather shoes with modern twists. Very different and fun! Thanks for sharing.