Something different.

I'm always getting inspired by bloggers of Pandora and Liebmarlene vintage. Always with beautiful photos of their own great style, I've seen these girls constantly wearing all kinds of tights with vintage dresses and bold prints. I usually switch to pants in the winter, for some reason I never caught on to the wonderful world of tights. So when I was in california I bought a bunch of pairs, and have started to pull out what I already have. On Pandora there is a lovely photo -taken by the photographer from The Satoialist- of the french darling with ripped black stockings with knee socks bunched down and ankle boots. It looked so stylish I thought I would try the look for myself since I just got those little black shoes that would make the look seasonal. Plus they are so comfortable l spend more time in them than not.

Fur trimmed cardigan-Mothers.
Skirt-Dolce and Gabbana
Stockings and socks-T.J. Maxx
Shoes-Discovery shop.

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PAC said...

I love the ensemble!!