Dream of Socks.

This Christmas I got some cash to go shopping with, and while I considered buying some business supplies (Steamer, storage containers), I realized I was in need of some warmer legwear. I had never bought from sockdreams before, but my boss, Chris had on a great pair of legwarmers the other day from them. So I got on the site and had a tough time deciding what to buy, there's so many great socks! I decided on a lovely pair of purple stockings, and two pairs of long legwarmers, burgundy and black. They are wool blend, so really warm, and I'm hoping they will last a long time since there is no toe or heel to wear out. The stockings are great too, actually called thigh high socks, but to me they are the cotton type stockings worn pre 1930s. If only they had a seam up the back :)

Dress-Buffalo Exchange.


Legwarmers-Sock dreams.

Shoes-Nordstrom Rack.


Q's Daydream said...

Love the dress! Those socks look super warm! :o)

loiseaujoli said...

I love Sock-dreams! A friend gave me a gift certificate last birthday and I bought some of their thigh-high socks too, which are awesome. I forgot they sold legwarmers, though :(