Normally I work just three days a week at the local vintage store, but right now the owner is on vacation and I'm working eight days a week. Ok, just this week. Today when I told a lady my boss is on vacation she said to me "You should say 'Holiday', not 'Vacation', you'll sound more educated."

Gee. Thanks lady.

It's been going much better than I thought, I predicted that by the second day I would be bored, but so far I've entertained myself with organizing, shop displays, and plastic bag dresses. Not to mention the repairs. My goodness. I've repaired about a dozen things in the past 5 days, which really doesn't sound like a lot, but my fingers definitely feel it. It's been one of those weeks where I wish that my work and home were separate, just because I want to come home and embroider. But I cant embroider if there are piles of clothes to be washed for my shop, or things to list, or orders to process. That would seem unproductive even though I know thats not true.
On the bright side though I've got some great 50s shirtdresses coming next week, as well as a stunning wedding dress. I'm so obsessed with shirtdresses right now, I just love them. I got this one yesterday when my mother and I went to the Alberta Street Fair in Portland, along with a couple more things for my shop. Including a fabulous sheer black 50s merry widow that I bought for myself, but did not fit :(

My loss is your amazing gain.

Dress: Alberta Street Fair.

Hat: The Urban Eccentric.


reilly said...

"You should say 'Holiday', not 'Vacation', you'll sound more educated."
How rude! And how could that possibly make anyone sound more educated? Weird.

I love the shirt dress! Everyone in Portland seems so lucky with their finds, Virginia is barren. :/

Hopefully you'll have a nice relaxing week after this one!

Josephine Frances said...

That is so weird what that lady said! Who even knows what she meant? I love your hat by the way, Its so cute!

Natalie said...

that's sounds so exhausting! you poor thing. you need a bath and a piece of cake, stat.

also, that lady was ridiculously rude!! customers really can be the worst part of retail ...

reilly said...

I am too! For some reason I always thought I would hate old movies, but then one day I caught one on Turner Classic Movies and I've been hooked. So far I've also seen Smilin' Through (1932), The Women (1939) (you would probably love this one!), and The Visit (1964), and I really liked those.

If your town is anything like mine, the video stores have a really terrible selection of older movies, so hopefully they'll come back on TV soon!

The Vintage Stylist said...

Hello Love!
PLEASE let me know when the awaiting shirt dresses arrive.... you know I love them almost as much as you do!

Unknown said...

Hey I have been reading your blog for a while! It's great! And i surf your etsy shop with much envy! Its beautiful!
Surely the rude lady would have sounded more educated herself, should she have realised that holiday and vacation are essentially the same thing?!
People confuse me!


Anonymous said...

When Americans say Holiday it always reminds me of Madonna when she was first starting to pretend to be British.

We Vacation here, nothing uneducated about the term! That was rude of her!

Cute dress by the way!

Meghan said...

You look adorable! The dress fits you perfectly and the colors are so flattering!

LOL. I cannot believe the audacity of that costumer! Although on the brighter side it seems like you are doing really well despite working the addition hours. Way to go you!

I am also obsessed with shirt dresses. This past winter I bought as many as I could possibly get my hands on. They look so cute and yet are easy to work/live in unlike some dresses.

Goldie Davich said...

I am jealous of your blog. Your blog is beautiful. You create brilliant original content... I hate looking at it sometimes because I can't stand how perfect it is!!!

Obviously you put good hard work into this. Did you design the layout?

Solanah said...

Hehe, thanks Goldie :)

I did do the layout, it's like scrapbooking without the mess.