My Vintage Vogue

Here are some photos from the My Vintage Vogue blog. Honestly I had the hardest time choosing just a few, but these really stood out for me for one reason or another. Going clockwise from top left:

The hats!I especially love how one of the hats has a matching purse.

I had never heard of Betty Brosmer before, but this photo really caught my eye because of her amazing hair. Thats my goal hairstyle, such amazing wave. After googling her I found that she had crazy measurements! 38-18-36". Then I looked at her waist and realized how itty bitty it is.

Thats a Givenchy hat! The hat itself is superb, but I love the composition of the photo with the distracted men in the background. They obviously don't get it.

Wow. What a dream.

This really just made me laugh so much. I mean, Godzilla is holding a parasol, and if you look at the girl she actually has a pretty cute outfit.

This one may be my favorite, I love photobooth snapshots. I love that the two girls have very different bangs styles. The one on the right even has netting holding hers up, I've never seen smooth bangs styled that way before. And she has a cute little locket, how romantic :)


Josephine Frances said...

That photo with godzilla is hilarous!

Fred Harris said...

Your blog is lovely!

Casey said...

Love these photos! My golly though... can you imagine having an 18" waist?! I mean, I know it was probably due to waist training (tight lacing), but wow... hehe!

Brittany C. said...

Love "My Vintage Vogue' and I had somehow missed that they had a blog. I love the photobooth pic as well. Now,I'll have to add locket to my wish list.

Lo said...

I love the hair and the hats as well. I love birds eye photo of that lady in the gorgeous dress too, so fancy.

Q's Daydream said...

So lovely! Wonderful inspiration! :o)

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Betty Brosmer was amazing. You have such a great eye I would have never noticed that she was wearing a hair net around her bangs. Lovely post.



Between the tinnie-tiny waist and the fall-out cleavage, to the white spiral scarf and hat, to Asian "couple" walking down the street...my aesthetic eye is flickering!

Anonymous said...

Amazing selection of pictures, you made great choices!

And thank-you for my pink dress which I hear arrived safe and sound to my boyfriend in England. I can't wait to see it when I'm back home, weeeee! :)


Oh hay, I got some pictures taken in a dress I ordered from you before, would you like to see them??

Meghan said...

Love your blog :0)