Spring topper

Here's a little portrait before I head off to work for the day at the vintage shop. It's beautiful sunny weather so I get to wear a topper with fuzzy flowers popping up. I have all my hair piled on top of my head which is quite heavy! I haven't had hair this long in years and forgotten how heavy is.
I found these navy shoes while thrifting, they're Faragamo's which I find are pretty easy to get from thrift stores, not sure why. Maybe little old ladies throw them out as soon as they get a bit scuffed up because these are in pretty good condition, and actually fit me, not too narrow. And as I finish typing the sun has been replaced by gray clouds, I swear we have the oddest weather here. I guess I'll bring a jacket.


Darla: Retro Ways said...

Love the hat its so adorable!

Casey said...

You look so gorgeous--just like a movie star! :) I love the hat; perfect for springtime!

Rhiannon said...

You and your hats! Just lovely. :)

And I guess Ferragamo bow flats are easy enough to find in thrift stores, but I've never managed to find a pair in my size for some reason. Strange!