Upcoming listings

Here are a few photos for listings this weekend, two handmade 50s dresses, a striped jumpsuit, and an amazing blue embroidered dress. Photos of more listings here. I have the same jumpsuit in red stripes I didn't take any photos of, I'm still on the fence about keeping it. Oh jumpsuits.


GPROA said...

Ohhwow that blue dress. *_*.

That's magnificent.

Anonymous said...

My name is Marcela and I´m from Brazil.
I´m doing inglish course and finally I find someone of USA that I can talk, if you want.
I loved your blog about Vintage, your photos, and your clothes.
I´d like to know how is there? Is cold.
Do you have same e-mail adsress?
Sorry about the mistakes.
I hope you undrestand my e-mail.
Kisses and Hugs.

My e-mail address is marcelaweinmann@ibest.com.br