Oregon State College 1949


This weekend I found a huge 1949 Oregon State College yearbook for $1. There are pages upon pages of class pictures, but there are just some I chose to share right now!

I love finding old yearbooks, they give a little window into what young people really wore, but most of all I love the hair inspiration.

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Sarah Dee said...

I'm so in love with this! The hairstyles! The expressions! The pearls! Ahh so much goodness!

Xoxo Sarah

Frances said...

If you can work out the hairstyle for the lovely lady on the top right corner of the first photo, I hope you share! She stands out from the rest.

Emma Litton said...

Ohhh so much wonderfulness!! I adore all the hairstyles.


Edelweiss Patterns said...

This is fabulous! I completely agree with you about yearbooks - they really let you know women actually did their hair! What a fantastic resource. : )

Happy sewing!


Mary said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

The photos were so inspirational-what a great find! I love looking at old photos! Thank you for sharing with us! xox


Kim said...

They are all so cute! My favourite is the girl at the bottom of the photo below the photo of Marjorie. I love her glasses and curly updo. I wonder if you know any of their grandchildren?

Jitterbuggin said...

Lovely! ...But what's with the dog?

Elise said...

You're right, looking at these photos is incredibly inspiring. The woman in the second large portrait is absolutely stunning! I think I stopped breathing for a second. Thanks for sharing :)

Kit said...

These are great- partially because they're from my home state but it's also fun to see so many faces and different hairstyles. I quite like them all and the dog (probably a mascot?) is a fun addition!

Donna said...

I enjoyed these pics, too. I have an album from the 1930's. It's easy to tell who was most popular and BMOC.
Very fun.

Unknown said...

Those pictures are amazing ! The hairdo's are so beautiful. I'm going to try to make my hair look the same as in a few of the pictures, with pincurls and rollers, etc. Yearbooks really can be a source of hair-inspiration :)

VintageDanielle said...

Wow, that is so neat and it was only $1? Lucky duck. The men all look so handsome and I love the ladies' different hairstyles.

sweet harvest moon said...

Love this! They are all so pretty, love their hair!

Unknown said...

Love your handmade dress, so cute. I am getting ready to start learning how to sew I love 50's dresses.

LandGirl1980 said...

I love things like this! Real people stuff!!! Thanks for sharing x

Witchcrafted Life said...

There is months - or years even - worth real world vintage hairstyle inspiration in this terrific photos. Love them all to bits and really appreciate that you shared your stellar find (unbelievable price!) with us.

♥ Jessica

Anonymous said...

Fantastic find. Those hairstyles are amazing!

Ali said...

Does anyone else think that the first large portrait looks like Solanah?

Romina G. said...

this pictures are so cool!

Unknown said...

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