Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon


Let's face it. Most of us have watched Say Yes to the Dress marathons without ever needing to stop. I don't know why. It's basically the same scenario over and over. But you love it. 

Only thing better than watching people wedding dress shop is actually doing it. And the only thing better than wedding dress shopping, is vintage wedding dress shopping.

You probably know the story of how I got my wedding dress. But prior to finding it I always planned on going to Xtabay for my wedding dress. It's the finest vintage store in Portland, really top notch merchandise. 

So when the Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon opened up recently, I was very curious. If the proprietress, Liz, could create such a lovely space for vintage shopping, surely the salon would be no exception. 

She invited me up to photograph the shop for a feature, and as soon as Sam and I walked in I knew I wanted to live there. She greeted us with mimosas and tea (I finished the mimosa, kind of forgot about the tea...ahem...), and Gabe the shop doggie was eager to show us around. 

After a little chatting and taking photos, we picked out a couple of dresses for me to try on. A sweet early 60s frock that was short like my own wedding dress, and and very Jane Austen like gown with an amazing train.

I was kind of in a fantasyland. 

On top of wedding gowns, there are veils, shoes, gloves, jewelry, petticoats, and foundation garments. The salon has it's own seamstress for repairs and alterations, and Liz is more than willing to help style the dress of your dreams. 

It's a wonderful experience, and I really can't recommend it enough. If you're looking for a vintage wedding dress in the Portland area, go to the Salon. It's open on Saturdays from 11-5, and Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays by appointment. 

And after you've found your perfect dress, you can just go downstairs to the boutique for bridesmaids dresses. Like Say Yes to the Dress, vintage style. 

{All dresses are for sale, including one almost identical to mine if anyone out there has a 23" waist} 

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No Carnations said...

All I can say is Holy Moly!

Edelweiss Patterns said...

Oh, you make such a pretty bride! Loved all the dresses!

Charlotte said...

Oh, too too pretty! I've been fantasising about my own (so far imaginary) vintage wedding for, oh, years.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

MissNathalieVintage said...

Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage
Me too.

You are doing a devine job with your blog. I have been catching up on your past blogs. It is so sweet of you to take the time out of your day to write your blog. I am slowing learning how to wear my all my vintage hats and gloves. Instead of them sitting so very quitely in my hat box and closet.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
Miss Nathalie Vintage

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

What an AMAZING idea. I can say with certainity we do not have anything like this in Australia. LOVE Gabe. Imprsssed a vintage bridal shop has a dog. My LORD, if my dogs were in a shop like that they would poo in a shoe and take off with a veil and then have a tug-of-war with it.

KittyMeow said...

I am so desperate to visit Portland just so I can go to this store! Each blog update has me drooling over the amazing dresses.
One day, I will come to the States and try on something! :-P

art deco dame said...

Incredibly beautiful!

Larissa T. said...

I cried. It's just to beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I have been a bridal consultant for 10 year plus. So 'Say Yes To The Dress' is pretty much my life!

Zo√ę Winters said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place and such pretty pictures of yours to describe it! Love it! x

Alexandriaweb said...

Oh wow so pretty :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

What a fabulous idea and all just gorgeous, including you!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dresses, they look so good on you ! I love the long one, with a bow on the back :).

- Jip.

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

beautiful photos! that dog is soo cute!

from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

Sarah Dee said...

I just read your story of how your wedding dress... oh my god... THAT'S INSANE! I only hope something like that happens to me!

And this shop looks amazing, while all the brides are flying off to NY to be on "Say yes to the dress" I may just have to fly the other way to Portland, how awesome!

xoxo Sarah

Gabrielle Clayvon said...

Every year around my anniversary, I secretly fantasize about the thought of finding a perfectly 1940's vintage dress in duchess satin with delicate lace in order to re-marry my husband again.

shoppern said...

Wonderful photos--then I realized that the golden wallpaper looked familiar--I had it on one long wall in my living-dining room from 1973-1986!!

Sarah said...

Renew your vows, just so you can wear that dress with the bow on the back :)

MrsAmberApple said...

wow, so beautiful!! you do make a lovely bride :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

My word that is an enchantingly, tremendously lovely space. Fit for a princess indeed - which is perfect, as that's how most brides (rightfully) see themselves.

You look so strikingly beautiful, and I just adore that you opted to wear your hair down in these shots. I often prefer hair down, rather than up, for bridal looks.

♥ Jessica

Unknown said...

Oh man that shop looks awesome! When I need a wedding dress I can only hope I'll get to shop in a place like that.

Anushka said...

How incredibly exciting! And kind of fun that you went along despite already being married! x

Alli said...

That first dress.....OMG! Diiiiiiviiiiine! I'm in heaven :)

Wendi said...

Wow! Everything about this blog entry is just stunning.

Dont Fret-Your Crafty said...

OMG! The dress in the first photo is AH-MAZ-ING!

Unknown said...

Seeing these photos makes me so excited! I have appointments today in wedding dress shops in wiltshire to look for the perfect dress for my big day.