It was a Wednesday Sunday.

Black and red go so well together, sometimes the look is a little to harsh for me so adding a nice gray can be that extra perfect touch. I LOVE this hat, I'm sure you'll see it a lot, since it has a big black bird in flight right on the side, I call it "Bird hat". Creative, I know :)

Hat and Skirt-The Urban Eccentric

Jacket-Buffalo Exchange

Umbrella-Discovery shop.

I work at the local (and best) vintage store, The Urban Eccentric, and get to dress a window every Sunday. Since its October, me and the other shopgirl make them in some sort of Halloween or costume theme. So I took down the bright Alice and Wonderland items I put together last week and decided to go for something a little darker and eccentric. We had a dress that reminded me of Wednesday Adams, and I made a little doll like the one she had. I also made "Thing" by stuffing a glove, just for that extra Adams family touch, I just wish we had an extra Moose head lying around, but those seem hard to come by :)


deadherozine said...

I knew I should have come by today. That looks sooo awesome!

Coffeemonkey said...

very creative! Love the thing!