New looking vintage, Part 1.

Even hardcore vintage gals cant deny the occasional attraction to brand new products that look as old as they do (In a good way).
There are tons of options out there , especially recently, for those who dont have access or the budget for in demand vintage items. My own closet if full of a mix of vintage and new, but the way I wear it and what I pair things with, no one can tell the difference. Every week I'll be featuring products on the market or items of my own that you can easily find that are new but look like they are from eras past. This includes beauty products, jewelry, shoes, and anything else I come across. This weeks feature is lingerie.

My favorite modern pin up, Dita Von Teese has just unveiled a new line of 1940s style lingerie. Seriously, this girl just makes me love her more and more every day. The line isnt available in the U.S. yet :( but you can order here

Elle Macphereson has designed lingerie since 1990 and in the past few years released some great pieces with a vintage flare.


ReneeBuchananArt said...

So pretty! I don't know if my little apple body would do it justice!

Renee :)

Tracy said...

I love these sets - I'm a sucker for nice undies!